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«Volgskiy hleb»

Nizhniy Novgorod, Sormovskoe highway, 11a Phone/Fax: +7 (8312) 41-17-22

«Volgskiy hleb»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Vasiliy Evgenyevich Puschkin
General director of the public corporation “Volgskiy hleb”

The public corporation “Volgskiy hleb” specializes on production of bakery products and confectionery, kvass dry and bread. 

The public corporation “Volgskiy hleb”, situated in the Moscow district of Nizhniy Novgorod, was founded in 1965. In 2005 the plant became a member of the holding company TH “Narodniy”.

The company, which has celebrated its 40 th jubilee, today possesses modern and perspective production, which is sustained by rich experience of bakers; the main competitive features are high quality of produced products and exclusive in production of confectionery. Exactly confectionery production was a priority in the very beginning.


The assortment of manufactured produce is rich and various. According to condition on the beginning of 2006, it includes more than 200 articles and permanently broadens. The most popular articles are traditional rye and white, rye boiled, sorts of bread with couched grain, huge number of confectionery of different consistence, mass and form. Rolls and buns with appliance of specific flavor additives (raisins, sesame, nuts, candied fruits, poppy-seed, cinnamon, caraway-seeds, and coriander) are applied in industry.

The public corporation “Volgskiy hleb” offers to its clients also exclusive developments. There is a “Confectionary shop” at the plant, where true masterpieces of art of cookery are produced. A real traveler can be offered a fancy cake, which looks like Eiffel's tower, a baby can be offered a fancy cake, which looks like forest clearing with fairy tales heroes, a refined lady can be offered an exquisite masterpiece decorated with gold threads and buds of fresh roses in style of last tendencies of European fashion. Such fancy cakes are able to make an ineffaceable impression even on sophisticated public and stress a status not less eloquently than the latest model of Swiss watch.

The quality of the company produce was noticed with diplomas many times. The fancy cakes, produced by the public corporation “Volgskiy hleb” are permanent winners of tasting competitions, which are held in different cities of Russia .


One of progressive technologies – intensive dough by safety method is used in production of bakery products. For improvement of quality of bread while producing rye breads dry ferments are used. For production of dietetic products white bran, couched grain, buckwheat and oat flour, iodinated additives are used.

Strategic plan of the company is modernization of production processes and organization of new productions. The plant systematically buys new equipment, broadens production facilities, renovates motor transport park. One of the competitive features of the plant activity is fast supply of produce over the city and region. The packing of produce is widely spread at the plant; it preserves taste characteristics and increases the selling deadline in 2 times. The firm style of packaging makes the produce easy to recognize. The modern system of logistics is inculcated, the programs directed on energy saving are active.


Today the company collective consists of 350 employees of different specialties. Excellent competent specialists work in clear roomy workshops. The modern technologies of personnel management and permanent improvement of working conditions allow preserving comfort climate and sustain of succession generations in the collective. The seniority of some employees is more than 30 years. Young specialists go to work for the plant with great pleasure. There is a school of masters for youth. The studying class successfully operates, where the students of the Nizhniy Novgorod College of food industry pass through preparation. Received knowledge is fortified by the practice at the plant. To improve physical and moral health of employees the company administration pays great attention to social support and cultural leisure of the collective. The character feature of the modern company is return to the best traditions of socialistic society, purposed on creation of corporate culture. Regular lessons on rhythmic gymnastics are held, traditions of amateur art activities are revived.

The public corporation “Volgskiy hleb” helps to the Nizhniy Novgorod society of invalids. The plant actively participates in public life of the Moscow district, supporting social, cultural and sport events.


The company grows and develops, applying new forms of work with business partners, among of which are the Kstov bread base, Schatkovsky flour mill, limited society “Volodarsky KHP”, public corporation “Dzerzhinsky MZ”, public corporation “Nizhegorodsky MZK”, limited society “Mig”, network of shops “Raycenter”, “XXI vek”, TH “Narodniy”. The public corporation “Volgskiy hleb” is interested in development of partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation, offering wide assortment of produce of high qualitative, supply, flexible discount system, individual approach to every client, advertising assistance and other conditions, directed on increase of the partners' profits.

«Volgskiy hleb»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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