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«Hleb»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Galina Ivanovna Pljaskina, general director.

Honoured worker of food industry of Russian Federation , cavalier; of “Silver order of patron”, laureate of the title “Manager of the year”, member of “Grain Union” and movement “Women of Nizhniy Novgorod”. She leads the company since 1992.

Our priorities: professionalism and soul. The main thing for us is creating conditions, where it is not possible to produce bad bread. 

The year 2005 was anniversary for the company Public Corporation “Hleb”. It has celebrated 75 years of existence. Today Public Corporation “Hleb” is the leading, upcoming company, equipped with the facility of the best world producers. Facility of the company allows producing more than 40 thousand tons a year.


Everything began in the prosperity period of the fair of Nizhniy Novgorod, when the city was the center of grain trade and flour-milling industry, but baking of bred was represented with not big bakeries. Necessity in a big breadmaking appeared in the years of the first five-year plans, when huge industrial factories began to be built in regions of Nizhniy Novgorod and Sormovsk.

Bread-baking plant ¹ 2 of Sormovsk is one of the oldest breadmaking companies of Nizhniy Novgorod. It was founded in 1930. In the beginning it was baked 30 tons of bread a day on the not big production space ( 2242 square meters ).

Since 1941 to 1945 the motto of the plant was “Everything for front, everything for Victory!”. All engineering process was adapted to the needs of wartime. 2 bread ovens, which produced 2 tons of bread a day, were assembled. The production was sent to the front. During that period the staff worked 16 hours a day, batch of the bread was increased to the figure of 90 tons a day…The plant has made a big contribution it to the victory.

In 1958 rolls and buns shop, equipped with 3 lines on the basis of ovens FTL-2, with power 22 tons a day with weight of rolls and buns 0.5 kg and less, was put in commission. This allowed increasing of production range.

During the period since 1965 to 1967 the reconstruction of the bread shop with change of ovens, producing mold bread, was held and facilities were increased to 90 tons a day. At the same period the shop, producing rolls and buns, with power 2 tons a day was put in commission.

In 1982 bread shop was reconstructed and automatic loaders were assembled. It allowed lightening the work of the staff.

During many years many people, who worked on the plant, made great contribute into the development of the plant. Ivan Borisovich Tischin (the first director of the plant), Alexander Pavlovich Schagalin, Valentin Fedorovich Agapov, Arcadij Tihonovich Tretjakov, Boris Alexandrovich Pomazov, Nadezhda Sergeevna Bazhukova are the directors who developed the production, worked sparing themselves and were respected by employees.

Production range

Today the production range counts more than 250 articles. Technologists of the company permanently renovate it. Every year new assortment is put into operation or renovated for more than 30 articles. On of the core businesses is the production of “healthy” production. Public Corporation “Hleb” is the only company in the region, which produces not only mass (“everyday”) sort of bread but also unleavened bread “Bogorodskij”, and more than 20 sorts of prophylactic production united in the series of “healthy” breads. The range of articles is put into the list of producers and suppliers of natural and safety production, which meets the ecological requirements. 


There is a modern laboratory at the plant. This laboratory is equipped with modern facility.

The demand for the company's production is so high because of its good quality. The good quality is guaranteed by multi-stage system of control (Both quality of incoming resources and correspondence of production to technological standards and quality of assemblies are controlled)

For convenience of partners, the company has its own car park with more than 50 specialized cars. This allows delivering products twenty-four-hours a day according to adjusted schedule of supply. 

This is interesting!

Public Corporation “Hleb” is the first company in the region who offered to its clients:

  • Cutting of produced products
  • Packaging of bakery production
  • Marking the with labels containing information for clients
  • Marking the label with barcode of production according to standards of international identification system EAN-13.  


The company's production is presented in almost all trade putlets of Nizhniy Novgorod: from little shops to really big shop chains. The part of the production is exported out of the city. Trade putlets, which offer the company's production, are situated in Kstov, Dzerzhinsk, Bor and other. One of the projects, which is realized together with the biggest regional shop chain, is organization of production of bakery products on the territory of the biggest trade centers. Within the bounds of this project 2 mini- bakeries are built in the first half of 2005, and negotiations on the question of building one more bakery are conducted.

Public Corporation “Hleb” has its own chain. It consists of 10 company shops and 3 specialized counters in big shops.

The company's staff is always very flexible to changes, which take place on the market. Meet half-way with clients` wishes, the company has bought the Dutch facility. This equipment will allow increasing facilities and industrially produce cut and packaged bread, which has great demand nowadays.

All mentioned above advantages allow to Public Corporation “Hleb” to develop and not only to hold the position on the market, but also permanently increase its market share.

The company's staff, which consists of 600 people, is leaded by the team of high-skilled managers. This allows solving problems successfully and gladden citizens of Nizhniy Novgorod with tasty, useful for health products.

«Hleb»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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