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Office, production, warehouse: Nizhniy Novgorod, Gagarina prospect, 178 Phone/Fax: (8312) 72-30-02, 72-32-33, 31-90-67 Addresses of the firm salons: Nizhniy Novgorod, Lenina prospect, 7, shop “Matrasi “CONSUL”, phone (8312) 40-53-77 Nizhniy Novgorod, Rozhdestvenskaya street, 8, shop “Matrasi “CONSUL”, phone (8312) 30-32-62

«Evroson»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Grigoriy Borisovich Karpenko

General director

- Practically from the moment of company foundation, we took leading positions on production and sale of mattresses in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. It can be easily explained. We use only the best ecologically clean materials and high effective technologies to manufacture our produce. All products are in accordance with Russian and foreign standards. The best specialists work on appearance and internal filling and functionality, making them comfortable, reliable, convenient and beautiful. That is why our produce is very popular.

The LLC “Evroson” is the Nizhniy Novgorod representative office of the concern «CONSUL», which is the leader of Russian producers of orthopedic mattresses.

The history of the company “Evroson” began in June 2002, when the concern CONSUL, which is recognized in Russia leader in sphere of production of orthopedic and anatomical mattresses, concluded a contract on production and distribution of mattresses CONSUL with the limited society “Evroson”.

From the very beginning the company “Evroson” concentrated on quality of produce. Just after concluding a contract with CONSUL own assembly production was organized. All utility are supplied directly by the concern CONSUL, and clients of the LLC “Evroson” can be sure in quality of bought produce: all models and production are certificated. Probability of defects is practically excluded.

After putting into operation assembly workshops, the company administration began to solve problem of distribution. Several firm shops “Matrasi “CONSUL” were opened in Nizhniy Novgorod. The employees, who passed through education on the base of the concern, began to understand all details of “rich internal world” of mattresses not worse than leading production specialists. Due to it, clients of shops have an opportunity to get detailed information and be sure in right of their choice.

Very soon the moment, when it became simple, that for clients’ convenience it was necessary to broaden the distribution geography, came. The company administration decided to establish links with furniture salons of the city and region. Since the company produce can be bought in salons “Mebel Plus”, “Comfort” and others. Today due to specialists of the company “Evroson”, produce of the concern CONSUL is presented in 90% of furniture salons of the city and region.

Not staying at achieved in 2003 the LLC “Evroson” presented on the Nizhniy Novgorod market bed linen and clothes for sleep and recreation of the trade mark CONSUL, and in 2005 the assortment of the shops was filled with original models of beds CONSUL.

The company produce

In present moment the LLC “Evroson” offers over 50 models of orthopedic mattresses with different fillings and constructions. Wide range of produce allows satisfying taste of any client both prosperous and rather poor.

“Evroson” produces 3 lines of mattresses and accessories:

- economy-class Coton
- middle class Classic
- VIP-class Consul mattress.


Popular economic orthopedic mattresses on the base of spring block “bonnel” with traditional filling: different types of felt, spanbond, strutofyber, isocyanate foam, sheet wadding, coco coyra. They are ideal for equipping hotels and pensions.


Mattresses and accessories of this line demonstrate optimal combination of price and quality. This produce meets all requirements of consumers of middle class.

The base of mattresses Classic is blocks of independent springs. They consist of springs of small diameter: each of them is in separate case, which is connected to neighboring cases, what allows distributing burden pointwise. So, the block of independent springs makes mattress absolutely anatomical. Basic filling materials of this type of mattresses are ecologically clean natural and synthetic materials: isocyanate foam, polyloc, palm coyra, struto with sea grass or coco.

For producing removable cases special firm cotton cloth - jacquard Classic, which is created by designers especially for the concern CONSUL, is used.


Mattresses and accessories of the line «CONSUL MATTRESS» are created for those, who love luxury and splendour.

Mattresses of this series are produced taking into account the most modern achievements and ideas in this sphere of the most modern materials.

Base of mattresses of this series is not only metal spring blocks of different configuration, but also natural filling materials. Some of them are coco coyra, horsehair, sea algae, banana fiber and others.

Furnishings and cases of this line are made of cloth with adding of silver, wood fiber, fiber of sea algae, that allows reaching maximal comfort and enjoyment.

Beds and basements

Under the trade mark «Consul» orthopedic basements with wide and tight lamellas of birch-tree and beech. Convenience and easiness in using, qualitative processing of details, design, warmth and power of wood allow creating new quality of sleep.

One more series of produce «Consul» is beds, made of ecologically clean materials with appliance of the most modern technologies. Functionality, style and various colors of removable soft covers of beds allow creating cosiness and unique interior of the bed-room.

Bed linen and clothes for sleep finish assortment range of produce of the concern. The company clients estimated at true worth bed linen of natural cotton of exclusive design and clothes of natural silk, which give comfort and enjoyment during sleep.

This is interesting

In 2003 during preparation of celebration of 100 years since getting relics of Serafim Sarovskiy the administration of one of the hotels of Sarov ordered to produce mattresses for guests of high rank – President of Russian Federation V.V.Putin and patriarchy of Moscow and of all Russia Aleksiy II.

Production capacities and exclusive technological solutions allow taking orders on producing mattresses of any forms and sizes.

«Evroson»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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