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Nizhniy Novgorod, Colorful city Order, Hero Popov street , 35b Phone/Fax (8312) 507-507, 508-508

Order-Nizhniy Novgorod

Igor Vladimirovich Fadin
Director of the JSC Group ORDER

The main target of our work is development. We believe, that if when we do business, each time we will create something new, surprising, real, then Colorful city of future, which we are going to leave to our children, will really be built creative, free and happy! Most of all we would like to have a reputation of reliable partner among our clients, partners and employees, in other words among those who also believe and have wish to live in a better world. The process of achieving this goal, gives us real pleasure, happiness of creativeness and creation, which unites people!

The core direction of the company Order is sale of building technologies, instruments and equipment.

Net of branches Order includes 2 trade centers Colorful city and 12 Colorful shops , 8 of which are in the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

Colorful shops are specialized shops of technologies and instrument, which operate in the system of self-servicing. The trade center Colorful city at the Hero Popov street is the first in the city professional building center in the format ash&carry .

Servicing of corporate clients is hold first of all in the centers Colorful city at the Rodionova and Popova streets, and also in wholesale departments of Order. Located on the other side of a river wholesale base Order has active at the regions Russia and foreign countries, with approach lines and auto base.

Order offers to the building companies wide range for thorough repairs and finishing works, including facade technologies, bio- and fire-protection of wood and metal constructions, industrial floors, professional hydro-isolation, dye finishing.

The range of technologies are supplied specially for industry.

The direction Paint metal! is oriented on needs of oil-and-gas, railway, car construction, ship construction and car industries. The direction Paint wood! is technologies of protection of wood while producing windows and doors, gummed bars, in wood construction. The center of the direction Paint metal! is situated in the Colorful city at Rodionova street , the direction Paint wood! is situated in the Colorful city at Hero Popov street .

Order is professionally occupied with building instrument and equipment: welding, pneumo-dyeing systems, electric- and gasoline instruments, hand instruments, location bracketry, work wear. There is own service center of repair and lease of instruments.

The company actively develops new directions: sanitary engineering, colorful tile thin slab and laminated plastic, colorful garden. They are presented in Colorful city at Hero Popov street , and also other big branches of the company Order.

Popularity of the brands ORDER and Colorful, which are registered trade marks, in Nizhniy Novgorod is not less than 70% of all population of the city and 95% in professional segment. The company has been sustaining the image of business partner for wholesale clients since 1992; own resources allow it to be one of the most efficient and flexible.

The slogan Colorful, modern, creative! perfectly reflects the company style. The values are shared by the Colorful society of consumers and suppliers, which meet several times a year in the Colorful city Order at professional conferences and general celebrations. People, who share the company philosophy, come to celebrations to the Colorful city with their families in order to have a rest among like-minded people.

Colorful city of future is a reflection of general dream of the team Order, reflects the company vision of the world. This is a city, where its citizens are proud of the place, where they live, where they come back, and where they bring up their children. The atmosphere of the city is very open, sociable and understanding. The freedom of choosing of the way, sense of secure, because of ability to meet and unite for achieving true values! Colorful city of future is a part of huge world: leading world brands and international corporations open in Nizhniy Novgorod their branches. The main potential of both Colorful city of future and the company Order is people, their ability to look at the world from other point of view!

Order-Nizhniy Novgorod

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