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«Vtorchermet»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Michail Petrovich Ribkin
Director of the LLC “Vtorchermet”

One of the main competitive edges of our company is strict fulfillment of financial and treaty commitments toward business partners. The distinguishing feature of the limited society “Vtochermet” is mobility, exactness and efficiency in taking decisions, which is reached by staff coherence. The partners of the LLC “Vtochermet” in many regions of Russia have accepted business qualities and professionalism of the company staff, felt advantage and perspectives of cooperation with us.

The LLC “Vtochermet” is among major Russian suppliers of high qualitative iron-and-steel scrap to leading companies of the metallurgical industry.

27 March, 2003 is the date of foundation of the limited society “Vtochermet”. The company is financially independent company, which is a member of multiple-discipline holding company, founded in 1991 and now consisting of several firms, which are occupied with different types of commercial activity.


The company concentrates on cooperation with metallurgical plants and with major commercial structures. Among of them are the Novolipezkiy metallurgical plant, “Severstal”, the Viksunskiy metallurgical plant, “Krontif-center”, the Gorykovskiy metallurgical plant, the Omutninskiy metallurgical plant, “SanTehLit”, the Cheboksarskiy aggregate plant, the Kulebakskiy metallurgical plant, the Peskovskiy founding plant, “Petrtostal”, firm-exporters in cities St.Petersburg, Rostov-oj-Don, Azov and others. Cooperation with direct customers of raw materials gives stable distribution and high prices of realization.

The scrap shipment is carried out both by partnership cooperation with major traders-suppliers (“Norius”, “VtorMetIndustry”, the PU “Vtormet”, “Evrazmet”, “Severtorgmetall”, “Vtiechermet, city St. Petersburg ”, “Profit”, “Prohlada”) and direct contracts of delivery. While realizing scrap delivery from the own platforms the company uses the car park, which belongs to the companies “Eurosib” and “SoyuzVneschTrans”.

Stable financial position of the holding company and excellent credit history in reliable bank institutes (“VneschTorgBank”, Sberbank of Russian Federation, “GazPromBank”, “Uralsib”, credit bank “Assosiation”, “AK BARS”) allow stably mastering big volumes of iron-and-steel scrap and advancing substantial money recourses to the major scrap production projects.

Monthly commodity turnover of the LLC “Vtochermet” is minimum 10000 tons of iron-and-steel scrap. Today the company cooperates on mutually beneficial conditions with many major companies of Nizhniy Novgorod (FSUE “Gorykovskaya zheleznaya doroga”, public corporation “Zavod Krasnoe Sormovo”, public corporation “Zavod Krasnaya Etna”, public corporation “ZMZ”, public corporation “Teploobmennik”, public corporation “Gydromasch”, public corporation “Gorykovskiy automobilniy zavod”, public corporation “Pavlovskiy autobus”) and other big suppliers of scrap. The cooperation with above mentioned companies proves stable financial position and company wish and ability to advance substantial money recourses to the major perspective projects.

Besides, the LLC “Vtochermet” buys scrap from commercial firms and industrial companies from the nearest regions: “Ferrotek”, “Lortek”, “Rendis”, “ZcherbinkaVtorZvetMet”, “VtorMetService”, “Ekopress” ( Moscow ), “VyatkaSpezRegion” (Kirov), “vladVtorResursi ( Vladimir ), “VtorZvetMet” ( Ivanovo ), “Unikom”, “PK” ( Ulyanovsk ), “SamaraVtorMet” (Samara), ROP “VtorMet” ( Ryazan ) and others.

Industrial area

The LLC “Vtochermet” possesses an industrial area with Total Square of more than 20 00 sq. meters. The territory is completely equipped for the whole complex of works with scrap and iron-and-steel waste. Property complex includes ground area and crane economy. The industrial area is equipped with railway lines and, for convenient work the company has invested in building of the second branch line. Optimally situated railway lines and own bridge cranes allow shipping 6-8 cars a shift.

So the area is completely adopted for the whole complex of works with scrap and iron-and-steel waste: assembling, unloading of cars, sorting, processing, storing of substantial volumes of scrap, loading to cars.

Novikova_priboya street , where the area is situated, has very beneficial territory situation: it is a part of the road Moscow-Kazan, and, simultaneously, a part of detour road. Moreover Novikova_priboya street directly abuts on the Mizinskiy bridge, which is the only bridge across Oka river on the territory of Nizhniy Novgorod , where it is allowed flow of trucks. Convenient road interchange, situated at the intersection of federal highways allows hold loading and unloading by automobile and railway transport.

Production complexes

In July, 2003 property complex in Scatkovskoy district of the region of Nizhniy Novgorod (plant ZBI in past) was bought, in 2005 territorial-detached area in village Uzhovka of Pochnskiy district of the region of Nizhniy Novgorod. Beneficial situation of these territories make sure that here will be gained substantial volumes of scrap from the nearest towns and cities.

Also in 2005 realty objects with adjacent territory in town Schahunya were bought for development of the core direction of business. Territorial situation of above mentioned areas allows maximally covering basic freight flows of the region of Nizhniy Novgorod on delivery of iron-and-steel scrap.

Production complexes give possibility to operatively hold all stages of processing, making negative profit divestments of floating assets to production storage minimal. Besides own assembling and processing of scrap allow having stable position on the market and be insurant of heavy expenses, connected with drop of commodity turnover in case of changing of market opportunities. Assembling and processing of scrap also allow getting substantial volumes of different types of scrap and processing them into more expensive and popular marks.

Special machines

For providing with effective activity on storing up and processing the company possesses the park of specialized equipment for work with metal scrap:

Clamshell excavator “Kovrovez”, KAMAZ - scrap transporter with gydromanipulator and other articles of machines. Such equipment allows being occupied with self-removal of scrap and its loading in not adopted for such kind of needs places. The company has also bought stationary hydraulic press with high summary strain of pressing of iron-and steel wastes into packages, the cost of which is much higher then cost of not processed scrap.

Development strategy

For increasing volumes of unloading and share on the market of secondary raw materials the company concentrates on such directions as:

•  Launching new areas

•  Competitive (high enough) purchasing prices

•  Good terms of payment (in the day of scrap receiving)

•  Interest to all marks of iron-and steel scrap, including metal wares (use of special equipment and brigades of specialists for dismantling, processing and transferring scrap from different territories).

The activity on storing up, processing and selling iron-and steel scrap must be licensed. The limited society “Vtochermet” has license B 858622 the registration number is 37/02-07-17 handed by the License Chamber of the region of Nizhniy Novgorod on 26 March 2004. Today the limited society “Vtochermet” is a modern company on assembling, processing and sale of iron-and steel scrap, where at the present moment the work on technical reequipment of key assets, replacement of old depreciated equipment, application of new modern technologies is held. All these allow us working stable in future.


The LLC “Vtochermet” creates new work places, holds the policy of investing into improvement of labor conditions and staff education, what gives some benefits to the company on the labor market.

The professional specialists, who have been working in sphere of secondaru metals more than 10 years, modern developed production infrastructure, and financial stable position, tendencies of development and improvement of business-processes allow to the company staff being sure in future.

“Our goal is providing stable development of the company, and we have realized that meeting this goal is impossible without coordinated work of the all company collective. We are proud of high level of professionalism of our staff, and their devotion to common business”.

«Vtorchermet»-Nizhniy Novgorod

«Vtorchermet»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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