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«Vtormet»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Denis Valeryevich Pechnin
General director of the LLC “Vtormet”

Possessing modern high effective equipment, net of branches all over the Nizhniy Novgorod region and solid base such as “Uralvtorchermet”, we have stably fixed the position not only on the Nizhniy Novgorod market of ferrous metals, but we also have a possibility to work for export. The basis of our internal policy is work with Russian consumers.

Tatyana Mihaylovna Terentyeva
Chief accountant

Nikolay Vladislavovich Vavilov
Chief engineer

Alexey Sergeevich Semenov
Head of the Nizhniy Novgorod department

The company “Vtormet” was founded 4 July, 2003. The company promoter is one of the biggest companies in Russia – JSC “Uralvtorchermet”.
The production union “Uralvtorchermet” was founded in 1998 as a holding company on storage and processing of scrap metal. The structure of the PU “Uralvtorchermet” includes closed company “Sverdvtormet”, closed company “Permvtormet”, closed company “Kurganvtormet”, closed company “Tumenvtormet”, public corporation “Udmurvtormet”, public corporation “Chuvaschvtormet”, which are major scrap metal processing companies with rich history, which were parts of Soviet system of vtormets, created in the times of origin of domestic metal processing industry.

Nowadays the union “Uralvtorchermet” is presented in more than 30 regions of Russia, about 200 production spaces are occupied with receiving and processing of ferrous scrap metal. The PU “Uralvtorchermet” is among the major scrap metal processing companies of the country.

The union “Uralvtorchermet” is a rough division of the company “Maxi-Group”, providing with scrap its metallurgical plants.

At the companies of the PU “Uralvtorchermet” the complex program of development, directed on increasing of presence in Russian regions and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, renovation of production facilities of the company and increasing of effectiveness of their production activity, is realized.

The work on creation of new companies and equipping them with modern facilities is actively held. The production union “Uralvtorchermet” purchases for its companies high-powered press- shears of leading European machine-building firms such as Metso Lindemann (Germany), Copex (France), Colmar (Italy). Equipping of the process of scrap metal processing of machines of such type is a big step in development of production union “Uralvtorchermet”, which allows coming closely to European type of production technology. Active use of transport, transferring scrap metal, and auto transport, equipped with manipulators, increases mobility of scrap storing zones of the PU “Uralvtorchermet”.

The organization of works on scrap metal processing, break-in of new equipment, its technical service require according preparation of specialists of the PU “Uralvtorchermet”, which is actively held at the company.

Stable and dynamic company development allows being confident in future and guarantying meeting set serious targets.

The consumers of production of the PU “Uralvtorchermet” for many years are “Severstal”, “Mechel”, “Magnitogorskiy metallurgical plant” and other major Russian metallurgical companies.

For the years of operation the production union “Uralvtorchermet” has gained good reputation on the Russian market of secondary raw materials for metallurgy. According to results of the survey, held by informational web-site among direct participators of the scrap metal market, the PU “Uralvtorchermet” has got the highest rate of positive reputation.

Core directions

The company is occupied with storing, processing and shipping of scrap ferrous metals. The company core direction is creation of row materials base for providing metallurgical plants, which are the members of the union “Uralvtorchermet”.

Core products and services of the company

Core production is secondary raw materials in the form of overall iron-and-steel scrap. This production is the core type of material for any metallurgical plant.

The main achievements of the company

The main achievement of the company  “Vtormet” is installation of modern equipment of press-shears of the German company Metso Lindemann. 5 articles of shipping equipment of the firm FUCHS are used for shipment of this equipment. With break-in of this equipment the company leaves processing by fire method, what is laborious, low productive and the most expensive method of metal processing.

The main directions of the investment policy in the nearest future

The LLC “Novgorodvtormet” sets serious goals both connected with production and development. This requires substantial financial incomes.

Since the beginning of 2006 the company has already spent 120 millions rubles, till the end of the year it is necessary to spent more than 300 millions rubles (80% of the whole volume are machines and equipment). Necessary money will be given from the own funds and with the help of the closed company “Uralvtorchermet” financing.

«Vtormet»-Nizhniy Novgorod

«Vtormet»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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