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KAS The group of companies

Nizhniy Novgorod, Korolenko street, 19 Phone: +7 (8312) 28-30-30, 28-88-88 Phone/Fax: +7 (8312) 37-00-80, 37-00-90

KAS The group of companies-Nizhniy Novgorod

Eduard Genadyevich Kislizin
General Director of closed corporation KAS

The group of companies KAS has been operating more than 5 years. The core type of our activity is air traffic. The main office of the company is in Nizhniy Novgorod, the branches are situated in Ufa, Samara, Nizhnekamsk and Moscow.
We offer to our clients long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation at the market of air services, guaranteeing exactness and efficiency of orders performance. The main principles of conducting business are honesty, individual approach, and ready to give choice and provide the customer with maximum comfort.

The LLC KAS is the group of companies, performing air traffic at any types of air ships, and also load traffic by sea, railway and auto transport.

About the company

The group of companies KAS performs:

  • Organization of ordered and regular fights (including business class) all over Russian Federation, CIS and foreign countries at the different types of air ships.
  • Air traffic and loads delivery, including dangerous, by any mean of transport
  • Selling and delivery of air tickets for flights, performed by Russian and foreign air companies.
  • Selling of tickets for group tours, choosing individual and group tours all over the world, organization of group recreation of children accompanied by flight-managers.

You can be given a qualified consultation:

  • In sales offices (Korolenko street, 19, Belinskogo street, 32, office 107, Studenaya streetm, 7);
  • By telephones ((8312) 28-30-30, 28-88-88, 37-00-80, 37-00-90, 39-51-18);
  • With the help of web-site:, where you can:
  • Book a plane
  • Book a ticket
  • Book loads delivery
  • Book a ticket for a group tour

Selling air tickets

Services offered to organizations and private persons:

  • Delivery of tickets within the bounds of Nizhniy Novgorod free of charge;
  • Delivery of tickets over the region of Nizhniy Novgorod and other cities;
  • Selection of optimal price and the most convenient route of your air transferring, developing and calculation of complicated routes;
  • Booking tickets beforehand;
  • Execution of air tickets for internal flights of air companies over Russia and CIS, international flights of different air companies;
  • Special tariffs for a number of flights;
  • Rebates (privileged tariffs) of air companies for young people, students, family pairs, pensioners and other privileged categories of citizenry;
  • Ability to pay in any form (cash or cashless settlement).
  • Corporative servicing organizations according to contracts;
  • Ability to give additional rebates to tourist agencies.

Loads charters

The group of companies KAS offers:

  • Transportation of property, cars, organization of urgent transportation of loads, equipment, utility, materials.
  • Attractive tariffs for internal and international air transportation of loads.
  • Advance and timely booking of load places.
  • Guarantee of secure and on-time delivery of load till purposed place.

Additional offers:

  • Loads insurance (assurance collection is 2% of told price of load)
  • Delivery of load to airport (till 1 ton)
  • Delivery of load from one door to another.

Passengers charters

If you need to fly for vacation fast and with comfort for several days or to make business trip, without fear to be late for flight, the company is able to organize passengers charter flights. It is also reliable and cheap way of transporting groups of workers to the places of holding jobs and back.

Business charter flights

Having ordered a business charter flight, you come to the airport, where you are waited by a plane with comfortable saloon, professional team on the board and hot food, offered according to your choice. During the flight you are accompanied by flight-manager.

The price of transferring depends on the type of chosen plane, level of service, and quantity of passengers. The form of paying for performed can be any convenient to a client. We practice rebates for permanent clients and also for clients, who make orders simultaneously to several routes and who pay beforehand. Permanent corporate clients are given services in credit and indulgence.

VIP service

Advantages of VIP charter for business:

  • Choice of any route according to your wish. You can choose route of any degree of difficulty to any aerodrome, and in case of necessity, you are able to change a route during the flight, if you talk to flight-manager.
  • Urgency of performing your order you can take off in 3 hours after making order
  • Flexible time schedule the plane is at your disposal during the all time of business trip, it waits for you in airports of destination.
  • Confidentiality of transferring and ability to take only the people you wish
  • Time economy for flight planning, waiting for flight, passing through passport control and custom and other airport procedures.
  • Ability to use own car and securities. Private transport can wait for you coming at ladder.
  • Heightened degree of comfort in airports of destination and in process of flight.
  • Opportunity to order food according to your wish
  • Opportunity to work during the flight: look through necessary papers; hold the meeting with colleagues, prepare for important negotiations.
  • Opportunity to have arrest during the flight before important meeting, or to discuss the results of that meeting with colleagues.
  • Use of planes of heightened degree of comfort and reliability, what improves your prestige.
  • Pleasure of transferring and adequate service, what saves nerves and health.


The group of companies KAS offers group tourist programs, but nevertheless we take into account the requirements of every tourist. One of the companys targets is to promote the development of civilized market of tourist services in Nizhniy Novgorod, providing people with recreation for acceptable prices, according to international standards.

The group of companies KAS is:

  • Professional consultation of experienced managers on the question of organization of tourist and business trips.
  • Booking of tourist tickets and reserving hotels in Russia and abroad.
  • Order of business trips for international exhibitions and seminars.

The company KAS doesnt stay on reached and keeps on developing.

KAS The group of companies-Nizhniy Novgorod

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