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«APP» Group of companies

Nizhniy Novgorod, Gordeevskaya street, 61-ą Phone/Fax: (8312) 77-20-77

Galina Alexandrovna Rubaha
General director of the group of companies «APP»

- 7 years we were famous on the market as major suppliers of bearings. Today we supply the widest product range of general mechanical rubber goods. Work of our organization is directed on permanent enrichment of product range and presence of it at the warehouse. Convenient location of office and warehouse (at the cross of city and inter-city highways, and also permanent presence of saleable articles is a pledge of the fact that with our help our technique will never stand idle.

The group of companies «APP» includes companies “Agroprompodschipnik”, “Podschipniksnab” and “Podschipnikopt”. In present time “APP” is one of major suppliers of bearing produce in Volgo-Vyatskiy region.

The limited society “Agroprompodschipnik” was created in November 1998, in the very beginning of economic crisis in Russia. In spite of difficulties, the company managed not only to survive, but also to develop till major regional supplier of bearing produce. Later, the limited society “Podschipniksnab” and limited society “Podschipnikopt” were created with the purpose of provision industrial and agriculture companies with general mechanical rubber goods.

Dynamics of enrichment of the product range of offered produce and directions of activity
1998-1999 – bearings
2000 – bearings of modified wood, location bracketry, tractor’s spare parts
2001 –straps, glands, CHP, joint rubber rings.
2002 – repair sets for hydraulic machines and agriculture technique, spare parts to German agriculture technique.
2003 – enrichment of product range of general mechanical rubber goods, accumulators
2004 – circlip, bearings of marks CX, CRAFT, HCH, ZWZ, DIB, DPI, DYZV and others.
2005 – further enrichment of the product range of general mechanical rubber goods: flat straps, paronites, bearings of marks SKF, FAG, IBC; participation in tenders for supply of goods; bundling according to orders of clients.
2006 – work with entrepreneurs, who have trade points on sale of goods of technical purposes; opening of branch in town Kovrov of Vladimirskiy region.

Today the group of companies «APP» is 7 years of experience of the firm on the market of bearing produce 3/14-years of work experience of employees on the market of bearing produce.

Employees, who permanently improve their professional and technical skills, that promotes their professional growth 2500 articles of bearings (agriculture, industrial, including machine), for trucks and cars, Russian analogues for cars of foreign produce.

170 articles of location bracketry.
240 articles of straps.
130 articles of glands.
51 articles of CHP.
145 articles of joint rubber rings.
166 articles of repair sets for hydraulic machines and agriculture technique.
130 articles of circlips.

Wide range of general mechanical rubber goods (straps of different types, glands, joint rings, conduits of high pressure, etc).

Work with manufacturer of conduits of high pressure allows selling them not only of standard sizes, but also to produce them according to order. In last 3 years, active supply of spare parts for German agriculture technique is mastered. This technique often replaces combines of Russian production due to high quality and acceptable price.

Besides mentioned goods, repair sets for hydraulic units of tractors, agriculture machines and road-building technique, spring rings and also accumulators, yokes and electrode are also very popular.
The group of companies «APP» offers produce of not only Russian manufacturers, but also manufacturers from the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and leading firms of Western Europe and countries of Asia: bearings of trade marks SKF, FAG, ZKL, Timken, straps of trade mark Optibelt, conduits of high pressure PIRELLI, glands, stuffing-boxes, rings of trade mark NBR. Due to presence of wide product range of bearings at the warehouse, clients of the company have opportunity of purchasing produce not only according to order, but also directly from the warehouse.

Specialists, who have rich work experience, will always give consultations on questions, connected to choosing bearings according to construction, planting size, choice of domestic and import bearings, will recommend optimal modifications of bearings taking into account their exploiting, and will help to escape wide-spread mistakes in choosing produce, connected with difference in marking of import and Russian bearings and so on. Technical information is given to all offered produce. All bearings have quality passports. The companies which are the members of the holding company «APP», permanently participate in thematic and agriculture exhibitions in Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow, Ekaterinburg.

In order to achieve stability of supplies the holding company concludes contracts with companies. Payment is held by different methods, including payment in cash and cashless settlement, bills of exchange, exchange and so on. «APP» uses flexible approach to price-making: refunds depending on sum of purchase, special offers.

Delivery of produce for clients from other cities is accomplished with the help of transport organizations.

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