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«Industrial technical school»

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Sergey Allexandrovich VARAKSA

The head of the technical school State Educational Institution of secondary professional education “The Nizhniy Novgorod Industrial technical school”. Has a title “Honored worker of professional-technical education” and “Honored member of society” of all-Russian society of inventors and rationalizers. The cavalier of the order “Sign of honour”, medals to the order “Services to Homeland of 2 nd degree”. Winner of all-Russian competition “Manager of the year 2004” .

Creation of the one united educational area improves teaching in the technical school, increases the effectiveness of pedagogic process, makes possible the realization of the basic targets of professional education – to prepare an professionally mobile, well-bred and educated employee.

The Nizhniy Novgorod Industrial technical school is a unique multiple-discipline and multi-level educational institution of integrated type, which prepares competent, well-qualified, competitive specialists.

The Nizhniy Novgorod Industrial technical school began its history since 2 October, 1943. Then in years of the World War II, for needs labor home front FZU was created. Then the history of the technical school developed, the names changed in accordance with changes in Ministries. The traditions of well-bred educating of future competent specialist remained the same. In December, 2003 the professional lyceum ¹ 1 was reorganized into State Educational Institution of secondary professional education “The Nizhniy Novgorod Industrial technical school”.

Educational – production base

Today the Nizhniy Novgorod Industrial technical school accomplishes the preparation according to professional programs of primary, secondary professional, additional professional education and professionally-creative development of students. The institution has rich educating and production bases: studying cabinets and laboratories, 2 computer classes, assembly hall, sport room, library with fund of educational literature, educational – production workshops, center of young technical (professional) creativity, exhibition hall, regional museum of history of the Nizhniy Novgorod professional technical education, museum of 4 th tank army, sport-sanitary base DOL “Krasniy les” in Semenovskiy district in the region of Nizhniy Novgorod.

 The preparation of specialists

The technical school accomplishes the preparation of specialists according to such specialties as:

On the base of general secondary education : “Cook”, “T ailor fitter of technological pipelines, electro-gas welder”, “Car repairman”, “Artist”, “Master of joiner's –carpentry and parquet work”, “Master of finishing and building works”, “Master of general building works”.

On the base of full general secondary education: “Welding engineering ( technician)”, “Modeling and creating ready-made garments “designer- modeler”, “Tourism (Specialist of tourist services)”.

 Post graduate students

During the time of educational activity more than 25000 became the workers with high level of qualification.

Today 910 students study at the technical school, 300 of them are post graduate students. The number of young people, who get graduate grades higher than fixed, annually increases. Every year among the post graduate students are gold and silver medalists.

 This is interesting

The proud of the technical school is Sergey Batmanov, awarded during the service period with the order of “Krasnaya zvezda” and medal “Za otvagu”. He died accomplishing soldier's duty 9 days before demobilization. The special premium of his name is created in the technical school; the premium is given to the most successful students, taking into account both success in studying and activities of social life and civil dignity.

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