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«CSRI Burevestnik» The Federal state unitary enterprise

Nizhniy Novgorod, Sormovskoye Shosse, 1 Phone: (8312) 41-12-42, 41-79-02 Fax (8312) 41-55-50

«CSRI Burevestnik» The Federal state unitary enterprise-Nizhniy Novgorod

Georgy Ivanovich Zakamennih

General director of the Federal state unitary enterprise "CSRI BUREVESTNIK". Doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of the Russian academy of rocket and artillery sciences, the main scientific leader of the RARAS on direction «Artillery weapon». Member of the Expert Board on problems of defense-industrial complex under the committee of State Duma on industry, construction and science intensive technologies. The head of the department “Impulse heat machines” of the Nizhniy Novgorod state technical university. The main editor of the scientific-technical collection “Defense technique”.

By the order of the Ministry of industry and energy of Russian Federation and the Minister of defense of Russian Federation ¹ 310.496 by 16.11.05 he was appointed a general designer of a rtillery weapon. He is a scientist and designer in sphere of creation of unified multi-functional complexes of weapon of inter-specific appliance. The author of 32 inventions and over 200 scientific works (33 are printed in the magazines and sectorial collections).

The Central scientific-research institute “Burevestnik” is the head organization on coordination of activity of companies and system investigations in sphere development, production, modernization and utilization of a rtillery weapon.

Federal state unitary enterprise "CSRI Burevestnik» was established by the order of Ministry of Defense Industry of USSR of 2 July 1970 No. 272. For the years of the company existence the specialists of the company have invented and fielded high rapid-firing ship automatic a rtillery systems of different calibers, self-propelled artillery systems for ground forces, mortar weapons, and weapon operation support facilities.

The institute's team has completed over 350 research and development projects, which implied prototype manufacture, developed comprehensive programs for domestic ordnance development, as well as a system of a guideline and strategy documents for armaments advanced development. Federal state unitary enterprise "BUREVESTNIK" possesses ISO-9000 certification of conformity and licenses for development and manufacturing of armaments and commercial products.

One of the directions of activity of the institute, within the program of development of produce of civil purposes, is modernization of technical base of wagon and locomotive depot, railway-carriage repair plants, and also creation of perspective samples of freight cars.

The institute developed and put into operation high efficient complexes on production and repair of wheel pairs of railroad cars at the number of companies of the public corporation “RZD”. Diagnostic bench-top equipment, self-propelled repair complexes for replacement of wheel pairs in consists are in repetition work. And also platforms for transportation of big-diameter pipes, super size containers and other long-length loads are developed by the company.

Federal state unitary enterprise "BUREVESTNIK" keeps up close contacts with more than 100 domestic organizations, a number of organizations of the Defense Ministry of Russian Federation, research institutes of the Academy of Sciences and academic research laboratories.

«CSRI Burevestnik» The Federal state unitary enterprise-Nizhniy Novgorod

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