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«Dress-code»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Ludmila Lordovna Capitonova
Executive director of the limited society “Dress-code”

Base of the business of our company became the question: “How to express own individuality in strict rules of corporative report?” At an official meeting a man must be weared in dark blue suit, white shirt, severe cravat and black leather boots. This is dress-code, code of clothes, which must be followed. 

Dark blue suit for men means the same thing as little black dress for women. It is an ideal one for important events and official meetings. We recommend grey suits for casual work. They help to create images of specialists. Dark black suits always seem expensive. They are purposed for different kinds of celebrations. Choosing clothes, one should take into account his color type – if the color is chosen rightly, then face will seem fresh, and eyes will be bright. This will give sense of confidence and will create reputation of a person with good taste.

The LLC «Dress-code» is occupied with retail sale of business male wear since 1998 and is an owner of 6 shops of male wear “Valentin”, shop of male wear “Fosp”, boutique of Italian knitted wear “Gran Sasso”.

Suit is not a whim, it is a inevitability

Having begun the business form realization of suits of the plant “Valenti”, the company employees very soon understood that niche of business male clothes is practically free, and demand for it rapidly grows.

Business strategy was based on forming net of shops, which offer deserving choice of qualitative business clothes in accompaniment of intelligent servicing and elements of the company style.
In 1999 the first shop “Valentin”, which is the main brand of the company, was opened.

Gained knowledge how man should look in a suit, shop assistants of the shop “Valentin” began to conquer the city: “Suit is not a whim, it is a inevitability”. The city valued the joke and recognized the company as a serious one.

The main is self-respect

«Jacket helps to keep form of body» is one more joke of «Valentin» expresses an important idea of the philosophy of «Dress-code»: «The main in suit is a person».

That is why whole rows of business textiles meet clients in the shops “Valentin”. Some people like narrow suits of English cutting, other people like wide German suits, or wise versa dandyish Italian suits. Wide range of shirts helps to express individuality of clients. In combination with cravats, the range of which reaches hundreds of models, classic trio suit-shirt-cravat allow expressing I-concept of buyers within the bounds of dress-code in accompaniment of servicing of business class.
Italiano vero

Business trip to the exhibition of male clothes to Florence in 2003 lead to the fact, when in September 2004 the boutique “Gran Sasso” was opened in Nizhniy Novgorod. The mark of perfect Italian knitted wear, which conquered world capitals, was placed in up-class salon at Gorkiy street, near Svoboda square. The guests can use Italian charm of shop assistants, beauty of interior and bewitching smell of express coffee. The well-off deserved such respect.

Plants of clothes of St. Petersburg

On 2 September 2005 the mark bag of “Dress-code” filled with 2 more names: “Fosp” and “Onegin”. It was decided to represent marks of the famous “Plant of clothes of St. Petersburg” Ďĺňĺđáóđăŕ» in the new firm shop “Fosp”.

The concept of the shop united roomy trade hall, worthy product range, stylish interior solutions and extraordinary for Nizhniy Novgorod performance – electronic piano, where professional musicians can be found on evenings.

«Dress-code»-Nizhniy Novgorod

«Dress-code»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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