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«Peleng»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Nikolay Evgenyevich Tihomirov
General director

Our company specializes on complex supplies of fire-technical and survival equipment to subdivision of the Ministry of Accidents of Russia, detachments and wrecking services of different companies of oil and gas complex, own development and production of new samples of fire and survival equipment. The geography of the market stretches from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

The Trade-Production Enterprise “Peleng” has been supplying fire- and survival engines of own production, equipment for providing with fire protection and special technique of leading Russian and foreign manufacturers on Russian market since 1995.

For the period of its activity the limited society TPE “Peleng” has accomplished supplies to almost all regions of Russia and also countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Byelorussia and others). Rich experience in servicing and supplies of fire technique and equipment is gathered; volume of supplies in subdivisions of the City Fire Service has reached 150 fire-engines per year.


The TPE “Peleng” actively cooperates with the leading companies of Russia, which manufacture fire- and survival technique: public corporation “Poztechnika” (Torzok), Vargaschinsky plant of fire fighting and special equipment (village Vargaschi), public corporation «Uralapozhtechnika» (Miass), public corporation «Posevninskiy engineering plant» (r.v. Posevnaya), public corporation «Uralo-Sibirskaya Fire-Technical Company» (Chelyabinsk), PTU «Pozhtehservice» (Moscow), closed company «Eliot» (St. Petersburg) and others.

During many years “Peleng” has been effectively cooperating with the Ministry of Accidents of Russia, Administrations of SD AC of the regions of Russian Federation, with Administrations of Fire Protection of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Byelorussia and others.

The TPE “Peleng” is a reliable supplier of technique for companies of oil and gas complex: “Transneft”, public corporation “Lukoil”, public corporation “Turkmenskaya Oil Company”, public corporation “UKOS”, public corporation “Nizhnekamsky OPP”, OC “NORSI-Oil”, public corporation “Rosenergoatom” and others.

Since 2003 the TPE “Peleng” actively works on development activity for needs of the Ministry of Accidents of Russia.

2003-2004 - EXD «ANR» («Creation of pipe-hose fire-engine»)

2004-2005 - EXD «AG» («Creation of fire-engine of gas-smoke protective service»)

2005-2006 - EXD «PADU» («Creation of fire-engine for outsmoking)

2006-2007 - EXD «AOPT» («Creation of fire-engine for warming up fire technique»)

Fire and survival engines of own production


  • Fire-engine of gas-water extinguishing AGVT-150(43114)-01NN
  • Fire tank truck AZ 6-60(43118)-01 NN
  • Fire-engine pipe-hose ANR 1200-40(4331)-01 NN
  • Fire-engine of fire-engine of gas-smoke protective service AG 16(3205)-01 NN
  • Fire-engine of connection and lighting ASO 16(3205)-01 NN
  • Fire-engine for outsmoking AD 90/22(3205)-01 NN
  • Fire compressor plant PKS 300(3205)-01 NN
  • Fire-engine of first aid APP 0,5-2(33023)-01 NN
  • Fire office engine AS 5(2705)-01 NN
  • Special fire expert- criminalistic laboratory SPEKL 5(27057)-01 NN
  • Fire operative- office engine AOS 4(310221)-01 NN.

Survival engines

  • survival engine ASA 5(2705)-01 NN
  • survival engine ASA 5(3909)-01 NN
  • survival engine ASA 5(3325)-01 NN
  • Car for diving job ASVP 7(3205)-01 NN
  • search and rescue car PSA 3(3409)-01 NN.

Survival and fire protection equipment

The TPE “Peleng” exclusively presents interests of the firm TFT (USA) on the territory of Russia, countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic countries. The company aacomplishes guarantee and after-sales servicing of mentioned below equipment due to the rights of authorized service center:

  • fire slip, handy pipes - TFT (USA)
  • hydraulic survival instrument - Lukas (Germany)
  • pneumatic rescue equipment - Vepro (Vetter) (Germany)
  • smoke suckers — Leader Group (Germany)
  • lamps — Streamlight (USA)
  • automatic lifts — BAI (Italy)
  • equipment of the leading manufacturers (Russia).

Means of individual protection

  • Suits for chemical protection
  • Helmet for firemen and life-savers
  • Respiratory systems
  • Military clothes of fireman
  • Heat-reflecting suits
  • Special protective footwear of fireman

Foam formers

Foam formers of classes 1N-FS, 6N-FS, 1NSV-FS, 4NSV-S for blanking of fires of A and B classes.

Perspectives of development

TPE “Peleng”, being a creator and manufacturer more than 16 models of fire and survival engines, and also a supplier of special fire fighting and survival equipment, is forming a complex program the duration of realization of which is 5 years. This program supposes development of type of special automobiles for needs of fire and survival services, modernization of present range of automobiles, improvement of production technology.

The company produce permanently improves; the model range renovates; the number of orders increases. Producing special automobiles for needs of the Ministry of Accidents of Russia, the administration of TPE “Peleng” understands all responsibility and tries to realize in produce all modern technologies and ideas, which are of the same level as European technologies. Great attention is paid to quality of assembling, increasing of warranty assurance and reliability of automobiles.

Specialists of the company are completely devoted to work and are proud of results of their work. The company employees don’t pretend on honor, but people, who every day risk their life, must know that the equipment of the TPE “Peleng” production is always able to operatively decide established targets and will not let down in a difficult situation.

«Peleng»-Nizhniy Novgorod

«Peleng»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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