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«Quartz» Group of companies

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«Quartz» Group of companies-Nizhniy Novgorod

Dmitriy Ivanovich Filatov

Director of the federal state unitary enterprise «Design bureau of measuring instrument «Kvazar». Corresponding member of the Academy of medical and technical sciences of Russia, Honored worker of the communication industry, honored constructor of Russian Federation, honored radio operator. Awarded with “Order of Honor”, medal “For valiant work”, sign of ZK VLKSM “For new land development”, and gold, silver and bronze medals of the VDNH of the Soviet Union. Author of more than 20 printed works, master of sport of the Soviet Union, champion of Russia in orienteering.

In the period of 90-ties the main company target was to hold out in conditions of limitation of financing, maximally preserve creative collective, and immediately find market niches apart from state defense order.

DB «Kvazar» has coped with a task. Only for last years the company has developed hundreds of new market goods, keeping and widening product range of radio measuring devices. The scientific production potential has been also preserved; great attention is paid to recruitment and bringing up new specialists, improvement of working conditions.

The company annually increases production volumes on the civil niche of production. Share of these works in 2006 can increase to 65% of the production volume, but the company will not mind if the state begins financing federal purpose programs on development of radio measuring devices and in this way it will decrease this figure, increasing the share of the state defense order.

The federal state unitary enterprise «Design bureau of measuring instrument «Kvazar» is occupied with development of radio measuring devices.

The federal state unitary enterprise DB of Measuring Instruments "Kvazar" was created by April 11, 1966. The unclosed name - Gorky Design Bureau of Measuring Instruments (GDBMI).
Since the moment of creation the company has been developing radio measuring devices on established directions. These are standard-signal generators with any kinds of modulation and different designation, measuring instruments of nonlinear distortions, including sample complexes and regional installations of the highest accuracy. For 40 years several generations of devices were developed and applied in the industry.

In the process of development other directions of activity have appeared. In such way automated systems and radio testers of the supervision of communications facilities have appeared. Their appearance was promoted by the rapid development of communication means and telecommunications and necessity of mobile means for control of their parameters. The first domestic radio tester Ê2-69 for complex control of the apparatus of means of communication, which replaces 10 full-size devices with own weight 12 kg was created at the enterprise. The portable installation Ê2-82, which replaces 14 radio measuring devices when controlling means of communication of the railway road, was invented specially for the public corporation “Russian railway roads”. The installation Ê2-82 and measuring instrument of attenuation D1-24 are the winners of the competition “100 best goods of Russia” for 2005.

The DB "Kvazar" began to develop apparatus of communication means, when the period of reorganization and economic not stable situation took place, when the purchasing capacity of the core consumers of radio measuring equipment was very low. The whole complex of apparatus of radio phone communication “Altay”, including base radio station, was developed in that period; and it is still has been being produced. The apparatus for all-channel collective tuning of TV, including satellite and cable TV, was developed and has been being produced.

The medical and diagnostic medical engineering was developed and has been being produced.
DB "Kvazar" designed 33 such as oscillators of different designation, 24 such as measuring sets of parameters of modulation, including 7 types of the standard equipment, 2 standards, 9 types of measuring sets of attenuation, 1 type of a measuring set of nonlinear distortions, 6 types of monitoring aids of communication radio equipment, 5 types of instruments of medical designation etc.

DB "Kvazar" has wide experience of development and application on the factories - manufacturers of the special process equipment for automation of serial manufacture of implanted engineering, all 16 types of such equipment were created.

The first domestic microprocessor instrument (with inbuilt micro- electronic computer) - measuring instrument of parameters of modulation SK3-45 was developed by the DB "Kvazar", and after that the whole range of microprocessor completely atomized devices were developed.

The certificate for industrial sample was got for the device for gas ozone therapy with destructor of ozone AGOD-Kvazar. The installation for elevator’s protection “UZL-L2” has a certificate for useful model.

The enterprise actively participates in the regional and federal programs on a radiotelephony, medicine, heat-and-power engineering complex, Nizhniy Novgorod electro transport, the railroad, Internal Affairs Department, in making modern television networks, including in a part of provision of qualitative reception of television signals mV and DmV of wavelength ranges, satellite television.
The company cooperates with universities of the city: giving place for practice of young specialists and helping with equipping study laboratories with modern measuring instruments.

This is interesting

The equipment of the enterprise is successfully demonstrated at domestic and international exhibitions and is marked with many awards and diplomas. 6 More than 30 technicians of the enterprise are awarded with a rank « the Honourable air agitator » USSR and Russia, 66 - are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals of The All Union Exhibition of Nation Achievements.

Dmitriy Victorovich Kuzin

General director of the group of companies “Quartz”. Corresponding member of the International Academy if investments and economy of construction. Deputy of State Duma of Nizhniy Novgorod. Winner of the All-Russian competition “Manager of the year – 2005”. Awarded with Diploma of the Ministry of regional development of RF.

- The group of companies “Quartz” puts substantial contribution into development of public and production life of the city, participates in charitable activity.

The group of companies “Quartz” is a dynamically developing, multi-profile production commercial holding company, which takes noticeable position in the business sphere of Nizhniy Novgorod.

Since 1993 to 2006 the group of companies “Quartz” has promoted several companies and opened several new directions of activity.

Today the sphere of activity of the group of companies “Quartz” is designing, construction and realization of tenement large-panel, panel-brick, brick accommodation, production of necessary range of ferroconcrete items and other produce, education-staff, publishing and printing activity.

House-building plant ¹ 2

House-building plant ¹ 2 is a base enterprise of the group of companies “Quartz”. The company performs functions of builder-general contractor-investor. All production chain works under the united control: form project works, production of prefabricated ferroconcrete items and other building materials, building and assembly, sanitary engineering and finishing works to realty functions on attraction of private investors – future owners of erected houses, sale of built flats and putting into operation. For development of this activity in 2005 one more company limited society “Story-Spectr” became a member of the group of companies, and in the beginning of 2006  limited society “Victorya” also became a member of the group of companies.

Basic direction of activity is construction of type large-panel accommodation complexes, on available price, but of high quality. In spite of serial technologies, every built object has individual front and planning solutions.

Growth of building volumes takes place and has speeded rates: if 4 500 sq. meters of habitation were put into operation in 2001, than already 21 600 sq. meters of habitation were put into operation in 2004, 26 050 sq. meters of habitation were put into operation in 2005, 36 500 sq. meters of habitation are going to be put into operation in 2006.

According to Association of Builders of Russia, the enterprise public corporation “DSK ¹ 2” is among 150 best building organizations, called “Leaders of the building complex of Russia”, taking 113th place among Russian and 4th place among building companies of Nizhniy Novgorod. The company takes about 10% of the building market of Nizhniy Novgorod on volume.

Trade house «Arsenal LTD»

Basic directions of activity of the trade house:

- Design and development of interiors;

- Sale of building materials;

- Building services.

Education-staff center “Quartz”

Education-staff center “Quartz” accomplishes staff and teaching activity.

Realty agency “Quartz”

«Offer services on the highest level!» these words are the motto of the realty agency “Quartz”. It was created on 15th April, 2001 for sale of newly erected buildings, built by the public corporation “DSK ¹ 2”. In a month license on realty activity was received.

From the very beginning of work the target to offer high-professional services on the realty market was established for the collective. Actually, it means that every person, who wants to solve his vitally important housing problem, wants and must feel soul comfort while socializing with realty specialists, being sure that he is provided with complete juridical safety and legality, while concluding contracts. All details and special features are thought over, troubles are excluded.

The realty agency “Quartz” is proud of juridical protection of clients’ interests. All documents are checked up by lawyers. No contract goes to legalizing without sign of the head of juridical department.

Since 1st March, 2002 the realty agency “Quartz” is an active member of the Nizhniy Novgorod Russian guild of realty agencies, participator of the International congress on realty. The realty agency “Quartz” was the second company in Nizhniy Novgorodá which got the certificate of accordance to national standards.

Printing-house “Quartz”

Printing-house “Quartz” was created on 1st August, 2001. Today it is rather big printing complex, which specializes on production of high-technological cardboard packaging material (whole cycle of production, including selective ultraviolets of lacquering). Well-qualified specialists, who permanently improve their professional level according to requirements of time, work in the printing-house. Individual approach to every client, flexible price policy allowed to the printing-house to successfully cooperate with representatives of different enterprise of central part of Russia.

Publishing house “Quartz”

The publishing house “Quartz” was created in 2003. Leading direction of activity is produce of literature on study of local lore. Visit card of the publishing house is a series of guides over the city and districts “CITY” (reference-information scheme editions). In 2004 the publishing house “Quartz” was awarded with title “Leader of the Nizhniy Novgorod tourist industry” for the project “CITY”.

Since 2004 a series of bright artistic and cognitive books for children, which introduce young audience with best samples of artistic literature about native land, has been being published.

The group of companies “Quartz” has been one of organizers and participators of social-artistic project “Old Nizhniy Novgorod: People. Streets. Yards” since 2003. Within the bounds of this project the catalogue of exhibition of the same name and sets of artistic cards were published. “Quartz” publishes literature on history of companies (special meaning for the city and the country has “History of plant “Krasnoe Sormovo”), brochures, catalogues, cards, calendars and other print produce according to orders of enterprises and private persons. Produce of the publishing house is very popular, and gets high valuation of colleagues, employees of culture and education, journalists.

«Quartz» Group of companies-Nizhniy Novgorod

«Quartz» Group of companies-Nizhniy Novgorod

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