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Andrey Konstantinovich Golov
General director of the JSC INTEK-NN

In what kind do we differ from other companies? At first, individual approach: we not only work with mass client, preferring long-term complex cooperation. We always very carefully come to solving any tasks, which are set by the customer, offering only tested solutions. In the second turn, INTEK-NN accomplishes all complex of works from establishing a target to handing-over a project and supporting of it, and also educating of staff. In the third turn, we offer optimal combination of price and quality, wide range of services and high professionalism of our employees.

The computer company INTEK-NN works on several basic directions: production of computer techniques, supply of high qualitative equipment of the leading foreign firms, system integration, realization of techniques and decisions through dealer net, after-sales servicing of corporate customers all over the territory of the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

History of the computer company INTEK-NN began in 1993. Today the firm possesses a dealer net, which consists of over than 45 dealers in different regions of Russia . The company success is mostly defined by the effective strategy, oriented on consumer, who is offered with high quality of supplied equipment, minimal terms of its supply and after-sales servicing. The company specializes on work with corporate clients, as it is able to accomplish the whole complex of works, connected with information technologies, and also solve individual tasks.


The company produces computers on the base of high qualitative utility, supplied by the leading foreign firms-manufacturers and supplies to customers distributed computers, which are completely ready for automation of works in different offices. These program-technical complexes are certificated on accordance to Russian standards, requirements of software of the company Microsoft , international standards on systems Multimedia .

Testes showed that computers of the company INTEK-NN meet the most modern international standards and not only not worse than foreign analogues and even better on some characteristics.


Serious changes, which took place in the company strategy recently, lead to substantial replacement of accents into the sight of intellectualization of all directions of activity, to deeper perception of necessity of complex approach to solving of clients' problems, to creation of new departments within a company, which are oriented on development of complex net projects and so on.

System integration is a special type of activity in computer business. It requires fundamental knowledge in different intellectual spheres of human activity for solution of the whole complex of established for the company-integrator tasks.

Talking about development of this sphere of activity, the company INTEK-NN holds active work on creation of projects of the complex automation of banks. In this way, within the bounds of the program of automation of bank activity the company INTEK-NN offers apparatus and system software, specialized application software, means of information protection, net complexes, telecommunications, phone stations, systems of information archiving and also services on integration and administration of difficult projects on personnel educating, preparation of documents and accompaniment of bank system. The qualified staff, who possess modern high-end technologies, are ready to offer optimal solutions taking in account the bank position at the present day and perspectives of its development.

This is interesting

The high quality of computer techniques of the company INTEK-NN can be proved with the fact that the company produce regularly pass through special investigations and certification by the State standard of Russia in accordance with law of Russian Federation by 16.06.93 About certification of products and services.

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