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Neomed-Nizhniy Novgorod

Svetlana Nikolaevna Scheremetyeva

Director of the center Neomed , doctor- pediatrician, the candidate of medical sciences, the senior researcher of scientific research institute of gastroenterology  

Our center has celebrated 12 years of existence. Its main advantage is that it is situated in scientific research institute of gastroenterology, which is the republic scientific and clinic center. The basis of methods is scientific proved, approved and protected with certificates inventions of our specialists the doctors of the highest qualification, candidates and doctors of medical sciences.

The center works according to the principle of the paid polyclinic, which gives consultative reception, diagnostic checkup, vaccination, out-patient and in-patient treatment. Two wards for little children. We apply sparing methods of checkup; we use individual approach to every client.

The activity of the center Neomed is very various, but the only purpose is health of adults and children.

 The philosophy of work of the center Neomed is mixture of professionalism and psychologically comfortable form of communication with patients. The center has been operating since 1994 on the base of scientific research institute of children gastroenterology of Nizhniy Novgorod of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation . 

Program Healthy mother healthy child

The target of the program is to provide the birth of healthy child. Using modern methods, specialists make prognosis for a pregnancy: risk of miscarriage, risk of not successful course of pregnancy. Only in Neomed future mothers are able to examine a special ELIP-test for defining of the optimal period for conception. 

Program Personal doctor

The program is very popular among young mothers. It is something like season ticket, when specialists of the center serve newborn at his place during the year. The baby has its own doctor, who visits him at least once a month and also at mother's will and moreover supervision of neuropathologist and other specialists. Prophylactic medical examination (orthopedist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, ENT-doctor) is essential. The price of the season ticket also includes vaccination with preliminary consultation of immunologist, massage, physioprocedures (all these are made at home) and also any kind of diagnostic study.

Complex of prophylactic examinations

The center Neomed offers unique high efficiency complex of prophylactic examinations, based on patents and inventions of the center's specialists. They include:

  • Ultrasound of thyroid gland, organs of abdominal cavity and pelvis minor
  • Computer evaluation of health reserves
  • Evaluation of the level of atherogene and risk of development of ischemic disease of heart
  • Defining of the risk of development of insular diabetes
  • Exposure and evaluation of the level of organism intoxication
  • Evaluation of neutralizing function of liver and kidneys
  • Acid estimation of digestive juices according to saliva with estimation of the risk of development of stomach ulcer of stomach and duodenum
  • Consultation of doctor

The complex provides exposure (during 1 hour) the risk of disease of essential organs, individual tactics of further in-depth study and treatment.

License G 800 325


Neomed-Nizhniy Novgorod

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