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WWW.NNOV.RU-Nizhniy Novgorod

Julia Kosta Verbizkaya
Director of the LLC

- The main achievement of our company is syable position of leader among Internet-companies of Nizhniy Novgorod during 10 years.

The Internet-company limited society is a leader of Internet-portals of Nizhniy Novgorod, which unites several projects under the one trade mark, oriented on audience of Nizhniy Novgorod.

Mark WWW.NNOV.RU unites:
City information recourse - WWW.NNOV.RU
City automobile web-site - WWW.AUTO.NNOV.RU
Entertainment Russian web-site - WWW.OSTRIE.RU.
All projects are built on the same technological basis and actively interact in information plan.

According to figures of LiveInternet, monthly auditorium of the web-site is over 100 000 unique visitors. About 6000 people visit this web-site per day. They look through about 65 000 pages. Regular character of held surveys allows keeping track of dynamics of growth of the number of web-sites visitors. For last half of year attendance of the web-site has increased on 20 000 users a month.

WW.NNOV.RU has high index of using quotes from the web-site and takes one of the first lines in search systems.

Web-site actively participates in culture life of the city, cooperates with regional and Russian mass media, is a permanent information sponsor of city events. Many firms of Nizhniy Novgorod have valuated the advantages of WWW.NNOV.RU and always cooperate with web-sites.

Visitors of the web-site use WWW.NNOV.RU both for work and spending free time, and by the way, many sectors are leaders on attendance in their categories in the Nizhniy Novgorod Internet. For example, number of users, who have e-mail at the web-site is 20 000. This characteristic is an absolute record in the Nizhniy Novgorod Internet.

The most popular sectors of the web-site WWW.NNOV.RU are:
For business: week review of exchange rate, list of banks and their products, analytic articles of ABC of investing, search of resume from JobInfo, cellular connection, catalogue of web-sites of Nizhniy Novgorod, process and reviews of computer technique.

For rest: bills of cinemas, theaters, clubs; tourism, fitness, TV program

For reference schedule of air and railway transport, weather exchange rate, addresses and phones of companies of Nizhniy Novgorod, maps of cities.

News: business, policy, society, culture, sport, crime; news of the Nizhniy Novgorod companies.

Web-site WWW.NNOV.RU is an effective area for placing information about goods and services. WWW.NNOV.RU uses modern advertising technologies and offers wide choice of advertising Internet-mediums (banners, context, catalogue, companies news, interview, posting).

Professionals of WWW.NNOV.RU work for success of its clients.

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