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«INFORMIR» The Nizhniy Novgorod representative of world information system KOMPASS (WA-2 register)


KOMPASS – INFORMATION, WHICH YOU CAN RELY UPON! Nizhniy Novgorod, Marschala Kazakova street, 3, of. 404 Phone/Fax: (8312) 41-15-16, 41-18-96, 75-27-27 Phone: (8312) 72-35-80; Web-sites: Nizhniy Novgorod - All-Russian -; World -     Information about European tenders -

«INFORMIR» The Nizhniy Novgorod representative of world information system KOMPASS (WA-2 register)-Nizhniy Novgorod

Arkadiy Vladimirovich Pavlov

Director of the limited society “INFORMIR”

- The basic task of the Nizhniy Novgorod representative KOMPASS is gathering and giving to business reliable information about companies of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. Among main principles of interaction oŕ our company with clients and business partners such principles as maximum flexible approach to every client, defining its real information needs and giving maximal full and necessary information, can be stressed. We are open for cooperation with all enterprises and entrepreneurs of the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

«Informir» produces on-line business editions KOMPASS-REGION, which are used by services of supply, distribution, marketing of the Nizhniy Novgorod enterprises for search for new contacts, clients and partners, valuating of rivals and markets. «Informir» offers marketing services on search of companies in definite regions and sectors of market in Russia and all over the world to entrepreneurs of Nizhniy Novgorod, offering also detailed financial information (within the bounds of the system KOMPASS) about companies of western European countries.


The first reference book KOMPASS was published in Dual Monarchy in 1878. modern standard of the system was registered in 1944. Classifier KOMPASS World File was approved by UNIDO (organization of extension work under U.N.O.) as a sector’s standard. Classifier was translated into 77 languages of the world, all companies within the bounds of KOMPASS are classified in the same way.

Formation of data base of companies of Russia began in 1990. The first edition Register RAU-PRESS (registration of the trade mark WA-2 register) was published in 1991. In 1994 Russia joined to the world system KOMPASS. In 1995 the first printed edition KOMPASS – RUSSIA appeared. In 1997 opening of the international Internet-portal took place: information about 1 900 000 companies all over the world became available for users. In 2005 additional web-portal of Russian Register of Industry and Trade WA-2 was opened.

The company activity

Representative of KOMPASS in the Nizhniy Novgorod region is the limited society “INFORMIR”. The firm accomplishes all complex of works on gathering, actualization and holding regional data base, and also sale of any editions KOMPASS and placing information and advertisement about the companies of Nizhniy Novgorod in them. Since January, 2000 the only in the Nizhniy Novgorod region electron reference book “KOMPASS-VOLGA” has been being published. Today it includes over 30 000 companies of Nizhniy Novgorod, Kirov, and Samara regions and republics Chuvaschya, Mariy-El, Komi and Tatarkhstan.

Core products and services of our company

- Electron reference books on companies of the region, Russia and the whole world.

- Printed editions on countries of the world

- Electron interregional editions

- Search and choosing companies according to requirements of clients in the region, Russian or the whole world (including search according to activity, number, goods and services, annual turnover and so on)

Offering detailed information about the Nizhniy Novgorod companies in KOMPASS.

The system KOMPASS

The Nizhniy Novgorod representative KOMPASS together with the Ministry of support of business undertaikings of the Nizhniy Novgorod region recommend to all companies and entrepreneurs of the region to use the opportunities of World register of industry and trade KOMPASS.

KOMPASS is a recognized all over the world search information system, which helps to the firms to find new clients and partners. The base of the system is united international classifier of goods and services, which contains over 50 000 positions of all sectors of human activity from agriculture to industry of entertainment and rest.

KOMPASS belongs to the class of references “business to business”, which gives detailed picture of the company, its activity and position on the market in comparison to phone references (of the class “business to client”).

The classifier KOMPASS allows easily valuing this or that segment of the market (quantity and quality of its participators) while holding search in the information system. This allows valuing potential client or partner. All information permanently updates. And becomes more detailed directly in companies with the help of questionnaire design with detailed pointing of the company Essential Elements, listing all types of produced goods and services, other necessary information, due to it maximal reliability and quality of information in data bases KOMPASS are reached. On-line version allows finding necessary companies just for a few seconds.

KOMPASS is not simply relevant data base of companies. It is an excellent method to state about the company all over the world and to establish new contacts. Information of the system is produced on all types of mediums and is available to any categories of users: annual printed editions are published; there are data-bases on compact-disks, united world base KOMPASS is presented in Internet at

The target audience of users of KOMPASS is top-managers of companies, middle managers, marketing specialists, employees, who work in sphere of supply and distribution.

The limited society “INFORMIR” offers wide range of services for placing information. One can state about his company not only in the region, but also in Russia (references COMPASS RUSSIA and WA-2 REGISTER), all over the world (information goes to the server and electron collections of several countries). Many companies of Nizhniy Novgorod, among of which are «Viksunskiy mettallurgicheskiy zavod», «Chimreactiv», «Tribotechnika»,hotel complex «Oka» and many others, have already valuated opportunities of the system KOMPASS and have been using its resource for promoting their goods and services not only on the regional, but also on Russian and international levels.  

Range of services depends on the company interests on promoting its produce on markets of the region, Russia and world. Even simple placing of the company in the KOMPASS helps to establish new contacts. Detailed placing allows to the company to present itself favorably (logo, banner etc.) in the system KOMPASS, in this way attracting more potential clients and partners for joint business. The system is made in such way: the more detailed information of the company is, the more often it will appear during search. The firms, which have web-site, it is simply necessary to use KOMPASS for its promotion in Internet, as the classifier KOMPASS is indexed in major search systems, that allows finding web-sites of KOMPASS to Internet users.

Clients of KOMPASS get not only opportunity to enter international level, but also use the system for their work, getting annual subscription on electron data base and access to full information about companies at the world web-site of KOMPASS.

For example, KOMPASS offers additionally full financial information on firms of Great Britain, France, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Sweden together with the biggest world insurer of risks of non-payments COFACE (

Participation in social projects

The limited society “INFORMIR” gives information to social institutions of Nizhniy Novgorod for free. Any charitable organization can ask the limited society “INFORMIR” to search for necessary information about any company of the world without charge.

This is interesting

- Since the moment of launching of the Russian web-portal the number of its users annually increases in 2 times and today it is 15 000 people a day.

- Over 50% of companies of the Nizhniy Novgorod region use the system KOMPASS.

This is interesting

- Publishing of the reference books KOMPASS did not stop even during World War II.

- Among first advertiser of KOMPASS was German Drezden Bank, which today is one of the major banks of the world.

- Classifier of KOMPASS World File was approved by UNIDO (organization of extension work under U.N.O.) as a sector’s standard.

- Over 80 000 people all over the world use the services of KOMPASS a day.

«INFORMIR» The Nizhniy Novgorod representative of world information system KOMPASS (WA-2 register)-Nizhniy Novgorod

«INFORMIR» The Nizhniy Novgorod representative of world information system KOMPASS (WA-2 register)-Nizhniy Novgorod

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