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State television and radio—broadcasting company Nizhniy Novgorod


Nizhniy Novgorod, Belinskogo street, 9À  Phone: (8312) 78-07-81 - «Vesti – Privolgye» 30-52-35 – commercial service

State television and radio—broadcasting company Nizhniy Novgorod-Nizhniy Novgorod

Nazariy Michaylovich Zeleniy

Director of the STRC “Nizhniy Novgorod”

- We do not try to change the world! It is done by those who watch US!

State television and radio—broadcasting company “Nizhniy Novgorod” (branch of All-Russian State television and radio—broadcasting company) is a well-deserved successor of the Groky studio of television and broadcasting: its creative potential and technical opportunities.


Programs of STRC “Nizhniy Novgorod” are traditionally watched and heard not only in Nizhniy Novgorod and its region, but also neighboring districts of Ivanovo, Vladimir, Kirov regions, Chuvaschya republic and republic Mariy-El. The target audience is over 5 million watchers listeners.

STRC “Nizhniy Novgorod” is the winner and 2times finalist of all-Russian television competition “TEFI-region”.

STRC “Nizhniy Novgorod” is regional broadcasting on channel “Russia”, regional radio, TV channel ÒÅÊá Internet-broadcasting and TV technical services.

Since 1999 STRC has been broadcasting at the channel “Russia”. Today regional broadcast includes information program “Vesti-Povolgye”, TV-magazine for school-leavers “Paraschut”, program “Otkritiy razgovor” and analytic program “Sobitya nedeli”.

Get to know more!

One of the most popular information programs in the region is “Vesti-Povolgye”. The only program in Nizhniy Novgorod and its region which is broadcasted 12 times a day every workday. This figure tells about the highest degree of efficiency of news, offered by the collective of STRC for the auditorium of the TV channel “Russia”.

Popularity of “Vesti-Povolgye” is, first of all, based on high professionalism and hard work of reporters, who gather information. Watching this program, one will always be up-to-date with news of the day.

One more reason of the program’s popularity is the collective of presenter, who are loved by the audience: Marya Vingart, Irina Byelyavina, Michail Tkachev, Kirill Savinov, Tatyana Lokteva, Alexandr Begunkov, Dmitriy Toropov, Natalya Odinzova, Alexandr Popkov.


The program “Vesti-Povolgye” can be watched in any point of the world, where it is possible to access to Internet. Since 2005 the most important news of the country, city and region can be watched at the information portal This is a part of scale project of All-Russian State television and radio—broadcasting company, under the name “State Internet-channel “Russia”.

Efficiency, reliability, availability are the criteria, which define the web-site form. The base of its materials are TV programs “Vesti-Povolgye” and news of federal importance. The main distinguishing feature in comparison to other information web-sites is big number of video-materials. Even being far away from Russia, it is possible to watch the program “Vesti-Povolgye”! In spite of information orientation, differs from ordinary news program. User can choose volume, format and character of information by his own at this web-site. This qualitatively differs internet-broadcasting in comparison to other means of mass media, even net ones.

We are always with you

Regional radio of State television and radio—broadcasting company “Nizhniy Novgorod” is the third regional radio of the country, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It remains to be one of the most important and objective resources of information for hundreds of people in Nizhniy Novgorod and its region. There is no place in Nizhniy Novgorod region, where reporters of the regional radio were not. Voices of the best radio-presenters are alive in the memory of citizens of the Nizhniy Novgorod region.  

Among achievements of reporters of state radio on Nizhniy Novgorod are many victories in professional competitions. But radio-reporters think that the main achievement is recognition of radio-listeners: employees of the radio studio get letters and phone calls with expression of gratitude and love to “their main” radio. The company possesses the richest radio archives, which has been leading its history since 1924 and now has over 28 hundreds units of storing.

«Ambulance» for your business

- STRC “Nizhniy Novgorod” holds active commercial activity. Businessmen find here all necessary tools for promoting their goods and services.

- STRC “Nizhniy Novgorod” offers exclusive conditions and equipment on recording materials about the company of the customer. It is possible to record or broadcast programs with number of participants till 100 people in the studios. Areas, professional lighting and equipment of the biggest TV studio in the Volgo-Vyatskiy district - Ñ450 – allows making photo-sessions, presentations, fashion shows.

- STRC “Nizhniy Novgorod” is the only company among the Nizhniy Novgorod companies, which possesses removable TV stations (RTS). Broadcast of recording are accomplished simultaneously by 6 TV cameras and multi-program coming out. With the help of RTS big events of different character in the city life are broadcasted.

- There is a unique studio of voice recording of the regional radio. For example, it allows record musical collectives in the regime of real time.

- There is no similar video-fund of STRC in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. The earliest records of the fund were made in 1964. Here unique cinema- photo and radio-materials about cities, companies and people are gathered.

- Clients are offered the most modern video-tape recoding studios of computer editing. Here one can order qualitative advertising, image or social reel or edit a presentation film, which meet the highest professional requirements.

- Specialists of STRC help to place video-materials of customers at TV channels NTR, RTR and Radio Russia. There is flexible system of discounts.

This is interesting

In 2007 the State television in Nizhniy Novgorod will celebrate 50 years!..

29 September 1957 … this day is the day of the first broadcast of professional state television in Gorkiy. As every big event, this event also had its prehistory. In 50-ties it was decided to build in Gorkiy a big TV center. Especially for it, apparatus-studio block and transmitters were produced; an estimate on construction of 2-floor building and tower was made up. The object was ground at the corner of streets Belinskogo and Puschkina, at one of the highest places in the city, where nothing can disturb spreading of waves.

It was planned to broadcast at first time in the autumn, 1956, but policy disturb those plans. Studio’s equipment, directed for the city, was sent to Varschava. And a year later the broadcast in Gorkiy was finally ready. On 29th September in 18.30 of local time, chief of the apparatus-studio complex Konstantin Alexandrovich Yazenko pushed the button, from which the Nizhniy Novgorod television began.

State television and radio—broadcasting company Nizhniy Novgorod-Nizhniy Novgorod

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