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«EUROSET»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Vitaliy Georgievich Migunov

Managing director of the Volgo-Vyatskiy branch of the company “EUROSET”

- Little turns to great! And our branch began from first 6 employees and the office of 3 rooms. We opened in Nizhniy Novgorod in 2003, when it was spring outside. In that time we had our first and main task to become a company-leader on the market of cellular retail in Volgo-Vyatskiy region. And we have reached our goal!

Today over 200 shop assistants work in our branch in order to every citizen of the region could use the company services. 2006 year is the year of quality in “Euroset”: quality of servicing, quality of goods, quality of choice and readjustment of trade points. That is why our present priority task is to say the best well-deserved.

The group of companies “Euroset” is the major company, which operates on the market of cellular retail and the leading dealer of major telecoms operators.

Basic directions of the company activity is accomplishing retail trade of cellular phones, digital cameras, personal audio, phones DECT, accessories, connecting to telecoms operators in Russia, work with regional dealers and giving information services to clients. About 40000 employees work for the company. Over 40 million people visit salons “Euroset” monthly. Over 3500 salons “Euroset” are opened in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and Kirgizia.

The company history

The company was founded in April, 1997, in the same time the first salon “Euroset” of cellular connection was opened in Moscow. From the very beginning the company concentrated on retail sales, increasing its product range every year. In the end of 1999 “Euroset” holds several scale advertising campaigns. Rapid growth of the net of salons of connection “Euroset” began after change of the strategy of the company development, core direction of which became raid decrease of prices on cellular phones.

In May 2004 the company “Euroset” entered a new stage of development, launching to sale digital cameras, MP3-players and DECT-phones.

Today over 3700 salons work under the trade mark “Euroset” in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kirgizia.

“Euroset” is an official partner of the companies LG, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, SonyEricsson, Sagem, Philips, Pantech, Nokia and others. “Euroset” holds policy of low prices on the market, working directly to basic manufacturers of phones and accessories, getting in the process of negotiations the most favorable conditions of supplies,.

“Euroset” today

The main priority for the company is client. That is why all policy is built taking into account paying capacity of potential customers and demand on products and services, offered by the company.

The group of companies “Euroset” includes 15 regional branches with developed infrastructure of local self-management. Today no company has such rates of regional development, as the group of companies Euroset”.

Brand «Euroset»

In the beginning of the company activity name “Euroset” was painted with vinous color against white bachground. Its present view with corporate yellow color the logo got in 1998. The brand “Euroset” symbolized national net of salons of cellular connection, which covers all Russia and some foreign countries. Visit card of the salon is its location, brightly decorated signboard and shopwindow. Carefully chosen hospitable personnel, dressed in the firm bright-yellow uniform, symbolize the whole philosophy of quality of servicing of the company clients.

The logo “Euroset” has become usual at the streets of cities of Russia. Market research show that recognition of the trade mark in Moscow is 92% consumers, in St. Petersburg its is 86%, in Nizhniy Novgorod it is 71%, in Samara it is 85%, in Krasnodar it is 82%, in Ekaterinburg it is 84%. Annually salons of the company are visited by over 45 million people.

Originality of brand

Stating about its originality, “Euroset” rests upon several factors:

Low prices;

Directivity on mass segment of market;

Coverage of the biggest market share;

High level of servicing among discounters;

Presence of resources, including human, which allow opening over 100 new salons per month;

Favorable geographical location in every city;

Experienced personnel and high corporative spirit;

Matrix system of management;

Own service center;

United style of decoration of salons of connection;

Accessories under own brand EUROSET;

Brightness and no ordinariness of advertising campaigns;

Development of the project MVNO.


In May, 2003 the company “Euroset” became a winner of the competition “Gold Nets – 2003” in nomination “Means of connection”.

In October, 2004 ãîäà “Euroset” was awarded with 2 prizes “Brand of the year /EFFIE 2004” and “Superbrand-2004”.

In December, 2004 the list of achievements was filled with the prize “Company of the year” in nomination “Trade nets”.

On 25th February, 2004 Chairman of the Board of directors of the company Evgeniy Chichvarin was awarded with the premium “Person of the year” in nomination “Leader of retail business”.

On 28th May, 2005 “Euroset” won the competition “Gold Nets – 2005” in nomination «Salons of Connection».

In June, 2005 “Euroset” was awarded with prize “Superbrand-2005”.

The company activity is awarded with Diploma of the Russian Fund of consumers’ rights.

In October, 2005 the company got the prize “Brand of the year /EFFIE 2005” and in December it got the prize “Company of the year” in nomination “Business reputation”.

“Euroset” in Nizhniy Novgorod

The branch of “Euroset” opened in Nizhniy Novgorod on spring, 2003, and by the end of the year it included 13 salons of connection and over 100 employees. There were many difficulties, but the company always found a solution. So, interviews with candidates took place in the restaurant Mc’Donalds, and phone calls on vacant positions came to mobile phone of the personnel director. In other words, work of the branch was held in “field condition “.

2004 year was the year of rapid growth for the branch. The number of salons increased in 3 times and exceeded 40 points, and number of employees increased practically 6 times! The geography of the branch covered Nizhniy Novgorod and Kirov regions, Republic Chuvaschya and Mariy-El, and also permanently increased due to little towns. The head office became bigger and bigger and was modernized: new big building was built to be a warehouse of goods, studying center was replanned.

The beginning of 2005 can be noticed and integration. In February the Kazanskiy branch, which included territory of Tararkhstan and Udmurtia republic, was affiliated with the Nizhniy Novgorod branch. So the branch “Volgo-Vyatskiy” turned to macro-branch, immediately increased its territory and number of employees in 2 times.

Today the structure of macro-branch “Volgo-Vyatskiy” includes 6 big regions.

This is interesting

Total area of the territory of the branch “Volgo-Vyatskiy” is practically of the same territory as Germany and it is 349 000 sq. meters, and total number of employees exceeds 12 million of people.

«EUROSET»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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