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Furniture enterprise ÏÁÎÞË Nazarov S.E.   Nizhniy Novgorod, Pamirskaya street, 11 Phone/Fax: (8312) 50-86-60

«FABRIKA NAZAROVA»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Sergey Evgenyevich Nazarov

Owner of the furniture enterprise “Fabrika Nazarova”

- The main principles of interaction with clients and business partnersïî we consider to be honesty, decency, professional competence, benevolence.

The furniture enterprise of S.E. Nazarov is occupied with production of soft furniture. The ñ product range includes sofa-beds of the type “book”, corner sofas, ottomans, sofas with wheel out mechanism, arm-chairs, arm-chairs-beds, soft stools.

The company history

The company “Fabrika Nazarova” has been operation at the Nizhniy Novgorod market since August 1999. The company used to be a little workshop on repair and production of soft and cabinet furniture, which took area of 50 sq. meters. Gradually increasing production capacities for rather short term the company became rather big. For several years of work additional production areas, which occupy 3000 sq. meters were built. In 2005 2 workshops of 4000 sq. meters were bought at the territory of ex-machine-tool production union “ZEFS”. With the help of credits, offered by Volgo-Vyatskiy bank, high-technological equipment of Italian and German production, raw materials and utility from the world-leading firms were bought.

Annual participation of the company specialists in Moscow international exhibitions allowed renovating and modernizing production in accordance with requirements of modern fashion.


New perspective models are developed according to modern fashion in the Nizhniy Novgorod company of Nazarov. Using different styles in combination with comfort and convenience in exploiting makes the furniture “from Nazarov” attractive for buyers. Today the company aims at achieving optimal proportion between price and quality.

Lately the company has substantially increased its product range. The company used to manufacture only 3-4 types of produce, than now over 50 types of products are manufactured.

Soft furniture is offered both in standard type and any variants – till choice of bundling, upholstery and color of wood. Variety of offered types of clothes and leather, their texture, color and pattern allows choosing furniture to practically any interior. Different mechanisms of transformation are applied in production of furniture: traditional “book”, “Sofa”, “Trio”, “Dolphin”, “French folding bed”, and also the most modern developments. Special attention is paid to quality of veneer for manufacturing frames and soft elements, which are directly responsible for durability of furniture, keeping its softness and resiliency. Those soft elements are used in sofas and arm-chairs, which will not loose their ability to be resilient.

There are certificates of accordance to state standards of Russian Federation for all manufactured produce and hygiene certificates on utility and materials. There is compulsory instruction to every model; buyers are given 2 years guarantee for all bought produce.

Distribution of produce is accomplished through the retail net the limited society “Mebel Plus”, salons of which are situated in all big towns of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, and also trading organizations of Moscow region, cities Penza, Kazan and others. Many budget organizations of Nizhniy Novgorod purchase the company produce.

The company ðhasits own firm retail net, which consists of 12 departments, where clients are offered additional services:

•       Delivery of furniture at home, what allows save both time and money, and also keeping quality of big-volume goods while transportation;

•       Assembling furniture at home; it is very convenient if the client has not standard doorways;

•       Sale of furniture in credit and offering indulgence;

•       Sale of new furniture taking into account old one, including its not chargeable take off wioth further restoration and realization through social shop;

•       Repair and upholstering of soft furniture in production conditions.

Besides this, clients, who buy furniture “from Nazarov”, are offered 5% discount if they buy tours with the own company tourist firm “Feya-tur”.


The company nearest plans include opening of a new trade center, which will specialize on sale of furniture of Russian manufacturers. Extra charge will not exceed 5-7% of wholesale price. (minimal city extra charge on soft furniture is 30%).


Strategic partners of the company are the limited society «Baget» (supplier of veneer), the limited society «Mebelnye tkani » (supplier of clothes for furniture and isocyanate foam).

In order to use storage spaces more effectively and decrease transport expenses while purchasing raw stuff and materials for own use the company plans to become a dealer of financial and industrial company “Innovation” (Moscow) on wholesale trade of veneer and the limited society “NIKOFORM” (t.Zselokovo, Moscow region) on sale of isocyanate foam. The Company is ready to consider other suggestions of Russian and foreign ñompanies on organization of dealers net on sale of utility for production of soft furniture. Moreover, the company has not only necessary premises, but also not chargeable advertising newspaper “Mebel Nizhnego” for realization of this project.


The corporate ethics of the company is based on a number of principal moments.

The company administration considers that it is necessary not only to provide its employees with work and salary, which improve their standard of living, but also to create such work conditions, which would not harm to health and human dignity. The company is open to rational suggestions of its employees, their ideas, requests and complaints. The company participates in open negotiations with its employees in case of conflicts. Here discrimination policy is escaped. The company guarantees to all equal rights and opportunities, not depending of sex, age, nationality and religion. The company tries to stimulate appliance of work of employees of different professional level at those work places, where they can give the maximal profit. The company takes care of labor protection in order to escape accidents and professional deceases, encourages personnel and helps to develop necessary professional skills and knowledge.

The company esteems team spirit. So, in 2005 the football team of “Fabrika Nazarova” won II place at the tournament of teams of furniture enterprises of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. The team participates in regular championship of the city in second league.


In 2005 the model of the corner sofa “Dialog-1” won at the competition “100 best goods of Russia”. For high quality of services the company has Gratifying letters from Administration of businesses of the Governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region and from many others permanent clients of its produce.

Participation in social projects

“Fabrika Nazarova” participates in public life of the district and city. In 2003 with the help of the company street lighting was madefor providing safety and comfort conditions for auto-transport and foot-passengers of streets Vali Kotika and 2-aya linia. Lampposts were installed, lighting devices and electricity cables were replaced. The total sum of works was 250 000 rubles.

In 2005 Vali Kotika street was covered with asphalt coat, for this the company spent 940 000 rubles. In summer-autum seasons the company organizes cleaning of neighboring streets for free with the help of own tractor “Byelorus”. Citizens of neighboring are helped to get out of solid domestic waste.

The company supplied furniture, the total of which is 218 000 rubles, to Oranskiy cloister of Bogorodskiy district of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, having charity as the object.

The hobby group “Umelye ruki” of the school ¹91 was supplied with waste products of foam-rubber and furniture clothes for making soft toys.

Sponsor assistance is given to the Nizhniy Novgorod regional children clinic hospital on treatment of children.

The limited society “Kanavinskoe VDPO” was given material support for purchasing presents for veterans.

«FABRIKA NAZAROVA»-Nizhniy Novgorod

«FABRIKA NAZAROVA»-Nizhniy Novgorod

«FABRIKA NAZAROVA»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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