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SKIF The creative workshop of artistic forging

Nizhniy Novgorod, Gagarina prospect, 37 Phone: +7 (8312) 69-71-34, 61-89-98

SKIF The creative workshop of artistic forging-Nizhniy Novgorod

Vladimir Evgenyevich MARCHENKO

The leader of creative workshop of artistic forging SKIF 

We are planning to develop, ameliorate and capture the loyalty of new and new clients, as we are able to offer forging in combination with stained-glass window and withe network. We work only with reliable people, and this is the key to success. We have enough work, and in future it will not be less: the citizens of Nizhniy Novgorod have just understood all the beauty of artistic manufacture of metal. Long-lived, beautiful, impressing by tenderness of volutes all these is about our works. There is nothing to add!

The creative workshop of artistic forging SKIF for almost 10 years specializes on production of exclusive manufacture of masters of blacksmith's work. Distinguishing feature of blacksmith's work is naturalness and originality.

In 1997 blacksmith's workshop SKIF was founded, the collective of which consisted of only 4 persons. Today the team consists of 15 persons. The production increases, because the craftsmanship increases, the clients tell each other about such workshop of artistic forging which is situated in Nizhniy Novgorod. The arsenal of SKIF includes impressive archives of ready manufacture, careful employees, and high level of professionalism of masters.

Besides the growing number of the same productions, manufacture, produced by the workshop SKIF are still of great demand and differ from other similar manufacture with its originality. Cutouts, without any doubts, give special coloring to metal manufacture, but they are not applied in the workshop SKIF. Today world fashion for hand-made manufacture is a key to success of blacksmiths, who put into work their own energy, love and passion. Every print of handicraft, every life dent makes people glad.

Even at the stage of drawing the order is accomplished carefully and beautifully together with a client, taking into account creative design amendments. The price policy in blacksmith's industry has its own specificity and basis: every manufactured article of master is unique; the price of every author's article is defined individually in its case. The price takes into account price of materials and level of complexity of producing an article.

Irina Yuryevna Yalimova is a chief designer in the organization. She advices, how to put down article, ordered by clients, into interior, what style of performance will be more effective and will give originality to appearance of the whole house or landscape.

The masters of SKIF work not only with metal. The technique of withe network and combining metal with glass, wood and stained-glass windows are applied.

The employees have everything: fantasy, passion in development of draft, which is necessary for client, and craftsmanship to accomplish the order brilliantly.

SKIF The creative workshop of artistic forging-Nizhniy Novgorod

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