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«Parquet - Hall»

Nizhniy Novgorod, Dolzhanskaya street , 37 Phone/Fax: : +7 (8312) 77-64-32, 77-64-39, 77-64-28

«Parquet - Hall»-Nizhniy Novgorod

Vasiliy Alexandrovich Dubkov
General director of the company “Parquet - Hall”

I think, the company “Parquet - Hall” takes one of the leading places in its sphere on the Russian market by right, and the Nizhniy Novgorod branch is one of the leading and dynamically developing departments.

“Parquet - Hall” is a united complex of best materials, modern technologies and services, which allow performing the whole cycle of parquet works and provide with stable high level of their quality. The company proud is wide range of materials and accessories for creation of modern parquet floors.

The company “Parquet - Hall” has been working on the same market for 12 years. With this firm such words as “professional materials” and “professional technologies” are associated.

Core directions of activity

  • Sail of wide range of materials, which allow professionally performing the whole cycle of parquet works
  • After-sales service of parquet floors.
  • Renting parquet – grinding equipment
  • Production of parquet works

During several years the product range of more than 3000 types of Russian and foreign block parquet, elite massive planking, laminated plastic, plinth, border, professional clues, varnishes, equipment and instruments for floor setting, grinding and special machines. This has happened by the way of serious analysis of technical characteristics and quality and also many tests on extremely different objects of the company “Parquet - Hall”.

The company has established the connections with universally recognized leaders of the world market of parquet and parquet materials, such as: “Nolte”, “Lopark”, “Ayher”, “Bembe”, “Bona”, “Clue”, “Schtauf”, “Uzin”, “Legler” from Germany; “Lattner” from Austria; “Royal Wood” from England; “Dakya” from Rumania; “Tarkett”, “Pergo”- Swissland; “Berry Wood” from France; “Upoflor” from Finland and many others.

This is interesting

Since 2000 the company “Parquet - Hall” possesses the license on holding restoration works on the objects – monuments of history and culture. An object of special honor is the whole series of works in the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg , and especially – unique halls “Rafael's loggias”, hall of Leonardo da Vinchi, “Rotonda”, hall Greza. Totally it has been restored about 5000 sq. meters of parquet.

«Parquet - Hall»-Nizhniy Novgorod

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