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Universal Stroy

Nizhniy Novgorod, Tkacheva avenue, 9 Phone/ Fax: (8312) 11-00-07, 11-00-09

Universal Stroy-Nizhniy Novgorod

Elena Rudolfovna Arefyeva

General Director of the limited company Universal Stroy

Our organization is rather young. 3 objects for the recent years is not so impressive figure, but quality is much more important. Monolithic building, developed in 20-30s years of XX century, only today is appreciated and it is the most perspective technology of buildings construction among existing. Our specialists have been working according to this technology more than 20 years, and have been building objects all over the Europe . In the last years the increase of interest to monolithic building can be easily seen, but we are not afraid of competition, because we have a number of serious advantages rich experience and opportunity to study and consult with real professionals.

The company Universal Stroy is specialized on high-rise monolithic building, what is relevant, unordinary, modern, practical and profitable.

The limited company Universal Stroy is the daughter enterprise of the Building Company Universal Story Consult DTE of the city Blagoevgrad ( Bulgaria ). The firm has been successfully working at the building market of Nizhniy Novgorod since 1998, having stable positions in monolithic building.

The company collective processes European experience of building of elite objects turnkey with appliance of the most modern materials. It gives the high quality of performing works and allows meeting demands of the most exigent customer.


•  The building of monolithic houses and erections of 100 meters height, with performing of all kinds of building and assembly jobs and appliance of licensed big-volume encasement.

•  Projecting of public and industrial buildings and erections till 25 floors.

•  Production and assembling of aluminium and plastic constructions of domestic and import shapes of any level of difficulty and color spectrum.


The most interesting objects, constructed by t he limited company Universal Stroy , are:

•  House 6, Brinskogo street , Nizhniy Novgorod (16-storied house)

•  House 89, Nevzorovih street , Nizhniy Novgorod (10-storied 3-porched house)

•  House 3A, boulevard Mira, Nizhniy Novgorod (18-storied house)


The staff composition of the company includes Russian management and well-qualified Bulgarian specialists of all building specialties. The key to success of the limited company Universal Stroy is the exact organization of all building jobs. The company staff knows how to reduce the price of primary stage and to lighten the performance of the project and to get the best quality in more advantageous time limits.

Universal Stroy-Nizhniy Novgorod

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