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«Techtrade» Trade house

Nizhniy Novgorod, Beketova street, 13 Â, of. 101 Phone/Fax: (8312) 78-65-58, 63-78-52

«Techtrade» Trade house-Nizhniy Novgorod

Andrey Viktorovich Kireev
Director of the Nizhniy Novgorod branch TH «TECHTRADE»

There are all necessary modern technical and organization instruments, with the help of which the most difficult production tasks can be solved, in the company active. We can offer ways of realization of ideas of those companies, which search for reliable partners of their development. It is worth noting that we are occupied not with supply, but with performance of orders of companies taking into account their technological special features, and also production of components, equipment, which they possess. We help to the company to formulate requirements specification in a right way, in order to realize it together. Our purpose is to help to client in accomplishing those tasks, which will allow entering new stage of development. And, to feel advantages of company services, it is necessary to start cooperation with us!

Trade house «Techtrade» is an independent structure of the corporation “Pumori” and Sverdlovskiy tool plant – 2 famous in Russia plants, which today are represented at the market as Ural machine-building corporation “Pumori-SIZ”. The company accomplishes sale of instrument, produced by the corporation, and also complex supplies of instruments according to orders of companies.

Ural machine-building corporation consists of several independent enterprises, strategic management of which is accomplished by the managing company “Pumori-SIZ”. Each of these companies works on its own direction and develops in accordance with own specialization. There are over 10 companies of such kind. Internal development of every direction is conditioned by specialization and market requirements.

So, in 2004, increased requirements of companies of Nizhniy Novgorod lead to the fact that the company administration took the decision to open the Nizhniy Novgorod branch of Trade House «Techtrade». Todaqy its functions include development of cooperation with present partners in Volgo-Vyatskiy district, and also attracted new partners, who are interested not only in satisfaction of need in instrument, but also in qualitative servicing. The main direction of activity of Trade House «Techtrade» is complex all-embracing supplies of high qualitative cutting, auxiliary, hand, building, measuring, abrasive and wood-working tools.

Services and supplied equipment

Ural machine-building corporation “Pumori-SIZ” offers such services as:

  • Projecting and production of difficult components and units with appliance of technology RP;
  • Accomplishing of closed cycle of production of component: «design - pre-production model – rigging – repetition work »;
  • Production of limited lot of produce according to draft of customers with further sale of technology and equipment;
  • Provision of companies (major projects) with tool and tool inventory.

Equipment, supplied by Trade House «Techtrade»:

  • band equipment: band mills, band-saws, lubricoolant, machines for handling operations;
  • disk-cutoff machines;
  • low-size machines for regrinding.

Instrument, supplied by Trade House «Techtrade»:

  • auxiliary tool and rigging;
  • gas-operated welding equipment;
  • measuring instrument;
  • metal-cutting instrument;
  • pneumo- and electric tool;
  • hand tools;
  • polishing tool.


Trade House «Techtrade» develops cooperation with such famous manufacturers of tool and equipment as: ISCAR (Israel), GUHRING (Germany), SGS (USA),
NAREX (Czechia), BISON (Poland), DOALL (USA), TSUNE (Japan)

Basic advantages of cooperation

  • complexity and fullness of supplies;
  • high quality and reliability of supplied instrument;
  • before- and post- sale consultations of specialists

Staff potential

Great attention is paid to staff recruitment in the company. Administration of the central office in Ekaterinburg supports practice of taking on young technical specialists, who have work experience at production enterprises. That is why the corporation is always glad to young specialists with higher technical education older 25.

This is interesting

«Techtrade» is the only in Russia company of this profile, which got international certificate of accordance to requirements of the system of management of quality ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.

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