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«Kleopatra» The center of aesthetic medicine

Nizhniy Novgorod, Sovnarkomovskaja street, 13 Phone: +7 (8312) 775187 www.

«Kleopatra» The center of aesthetic medicine-Nizhniy Novgorod

Alexej Igorevich Smirnov
Director of center of aesthetic medicine “Kleopatra”.

Our company became one of the leading companies in Russia in sphere of aesthetic medicine only for 6 years of existence. The branches of the company are opened in 63 cities of Russia. They all successfully work and develop. The level of services of laser epilation (the core business of the company) is the highest not only for Russia, but also among latest world developments of laser cosmetology.

Company promoters – Petr Stepanovich Kljuschin and Andrey Valerjevich Makarov.

The company name is the name of legendary Egyptian queen. The woman, who was reformer in everything connected to her, whose name is connected in revolution in the industry of beauty. Just her personality and no other is accordant to the philosophy and style of the company.

Innovations is the company style

The development of the company was revolutionary and impetuous. This can be proved with its chronicle:
1999 - pioneer to offer the services of laser epilation
2000 – pioneer to use unique photorejuvenation by non - surgical laser
2001 – pioneer to use laser for removal of vascular plexuses
2003 – pioneer to use laser with unique system of cooling on the purified air
2005 – pioneer to offer high effective laser GentĺLASE family with threefold system of skin protection and big diameter of blemish (18 mm)
The company’s doctors have made the biggest number of flash (photoepilation) in the country. The company’s popularity can be proved with its first positions in the search systems of Internet.


Everything began in 1999 in Chelabinsk. The company appeared thanks to successful tandem of the doctor (Petr Stepanovich Kljuschin) and physicist (Andrej Valerjevich Makarov). This union of long-term medical practice and sturdy education in sphere of physics allowed putting unique at that time project, where the most attention was paid to modern equipment and best doctors-professionals.
All the elements of the future company were at first accurately adjusted by means of huge number of consultations, study of experience of other clinics, trips to representatives of leading brands of medical equipment in Russia and abroad. Strict screening and double check allowed finding techniques, which was much better than other articles. Epilational laser GenteLASE of American firm Candela was set apart thanks to the most effective system of dynamic cooling and the best system of safety in laser cosmetology. Even specialists didn’t know anything about this laser at that time in Russia. And nowadays Candela is the world leader among producers of laser techniques. That is why “Kleopatra”, permanently renovating its technical base, cooperates with this company.

Basic factors of success

Innovational approach. The company holds advancement of the latest achievements into practice of laser cosmetology on country scale in the all chain of its branches. The company spends 5,7% of the salary fund (in future 7,8%) to improve the qualification of its employees. Every specialist of “Kleopatra” passes through retraining 64 hours a year (in future 140 hours). Besides classical methods, specialists of the center assimilated several untraditional methods of work with laser: epilation, photorejuvenation, removal of vascular plexuses, treatment of acne, struggle with ingrown hair, prophylaxis of ageing.

The quality of services. Only high skilled doctors- dermatologists work at the salon. The clients become dependent of the “Kleopatra” thanks to its good quality. In for its turn for the company it is a great stimulus for development and giving applied services, and also expanding of franchise over the country.

Optimization of business. Vability, dynamic development and profitability of great chain of the center of aesthetic medicine “Kleopatra” are based on maximum energy- and resource saving approaches.

- fast transfer of experience and knowledge from more experienced branches to recently open.

- Fan increase of level of qualification according to latest achievements in laser cosmetology

- Own engineering- service centre (technical service of laser systems on the spot)

All these give the number of economic advantages over little clinics and allow holding correlation “price-quality” on the proper level.

Maintenance of the company`s image. Long-term serios reputation of “Kleopatra” is a huge number of satisfied clients. And it is not less important that all the employees of the salon are simultaneously its clients. The principles of the corporate style is forming of the united team, organization of huge number of creative competitions, joint rest, individual approach to employees, encouragement of initiative.

Strategic approach. Management of net of clinics on the scale of the whole country substencially enlarge the confines of thinking in business. The decisions on long-term planning are also not standart: in future the company plans to apply laser in stomatology and also capture the market of South-east Asia.

«Kleopatra» The center of aesthetic medicine-Nizhniy Novgorod

«Kleopatra» The center of aesthetic medicine-Nizhniy Novgorod

«Kleopatra» The center of aesthetic medicine-Nizhniy Novgorod

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