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ROSTO STC-Nizhniy Novgorod

Valeriy Alexandrovich Asyanin

Director of the Not-state educational institution the Nizhniy Novgorod regional defensive-sport organization Priokskiy raionnyi sportivno-tehnicheskiy club ROSTO g. Nizhniy Novgorod (Priokskiy STC ROSTO (DOSAAF))

Performing tasks, given by the State to the Russian defensive sport-technical organization, Priokskiy STC ROSTO accomplishes educational activity in sphere of additional professional education.

Priokskiy STC ROSTO (DOSAAF) is a leading sport-technical club of the region, which takes first place among 22 sport-technical clubs of the Nizhniy Novgorod region during last years.


The Russian defensive sport-technical organization, created in September 1991 as a all-Russian public union, according to decree of the President of Russian Federation, is a successor of DOSAAF USSR on the territory of Russian Federation. ROSTO has preserved its organization structure, unity of the organization DOSAAF on the territory of Russia, material-technical base, which is used totally in interests of Russia and society. All directions of activity of ROSTO are accomplished together with defensive-mass and war-patriotic work which is many-sided on form and content.

In its turn, DOSAAF was created on the base of the organization OSOAVIAHIM, founded on 23 of January, 1927 and which began the activity of the united public defensive state organization. Millions of citizens of the country, studying military science in shooting, aviation, auto-, motto-, radio-clubs, different hobby groups and sections, gave to it mass character, having turned the organization into national defensive-patriotic movement.

During pre-war years OSOAVIAHIM made all possible for expanding military science of citizens and their war-patriotic up-bringing. Educational centers, artillery, shooting, sea, automobile, cavalry schools opened. Education in them was approximately the same as during active military service.
The united free-will society of assistance to army, fleet and aviation: DOSAAF USSR was created in 1951 after organization changes according to decision of the Government. It had to concentrate basic attention on spreading defensive-mass work, popularization and spreading of military-technical knowledge among population, preparation of citizens to military-registration specialties for servicing in armed forces, development of aviation, technical and military-applying kinds of sport. Simultaneously administration of the country established a task to hold mass preparation of staff for public economy.

Basic directions of activity

  • preparation of specialists for Armed forces of Russian Federation; 
  • war-patriotic up-bringing of youth;
  • developing of military-applying and technical kinds of sport patriotic, defensive and sport-technical education and up-bringing of Russian citizens in the interests of personality, society and state;
  • preparation of rated sportsmen on technical and military-applying kinds of sport;
  • satisfying needs of companies, organizations, institutions and also separate citizens in educational services.

Sport-technical club of Priokskiy region ROSTO (DOSAAF) was created in 1958. for almost 50 years the organization has prepared over 30 hundred drivers for Armed Forces and public economy.

Military-sport and patriotic upbringing

Preparation of citizens according to military-registration specialties is held on the base of the Federal law About military service- this preparation, according to decision of the Government of Russian Federation since 2000, is a part of State military order. For its preparation ROSTO possesses modern teaching-material base. Using own funds and opportunities, sport sections on such kinds of sport as mentioned below operate in Priokskiy region ROSTO:
aircraft model sport;
under-water swimming in flippers;
parachute sport.

Among pupil of the club are 2 masters of sport of the international class, 87 masters of sport, 547 rated sportsmen.

An important factor of preparation is its complexity: future soldiers, who get military-registration specialty, are also brought up to be patriotic, are attracted to lessons of military-applying and technical types of sport. Such combination helps to conscripts to adapt to military conditions faster, more deliberately and professionally perform their service duties.

Annually Priokskiy STC ROSTO spends 10% of earned funds (400-450 hundreds rubles) on development of military-applying types of sport.

Priokskiy STC ROSTO very often reach high results in all-Russian competitions on development of aviation, technical and military-applying types of sport, taking leading places. The clubs active includes many prizes in competitions of Privolgskiy Federal district and the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

The club actively participates and gives practical assistance to administration of Priokskiy region in holding military-patriotic and defensive-sport work. Traditionally ROSTO is a direct organizer of months of defensive-mass work, devoted to the Day of Defender of the Homeland, watches of Memory, lessons of Courage, celebrations in honor of memorable dates in the history of Russia and its Armed forces.

ROSTO performs important tasks for Russia on patriotic upbringing of population, their preparation according to military-registration specialties for servicing in Armed forces of Russian Federation, development of aviation, technical and military-applying types of sport, technical creativity of youth and preparation of it to protection of the Native country. It performs their decision in accordance with regulations of ROSTO, on the base of normative state documents in close cooperation with many ministers and departments of Russian Federation, and also public unions, activity of which is directed on strengthening of Russian state organization, economic and defensive potential of the country.


One of the basic directions of the company activity is preparation of drivers of the category B and C for Armed Forces of Russian Federation. Education of civil population is held as a paid service. Tasks of the auto-school is to prepare qualified candidates to driving, who know, what is independence on road, safety of movement, mechanism of the car, who have driving skills. 5 groups of students are taught simultaneously in the club. Annually Priokskiy STC ROSTO graduates over 500 drivers.

In present time the club has auto-park, which includes 10 cars, including 2 trucks. Term of exploiting of vehicles doesnt exceed 2-2,5 years, after this period of time old car is changed for new one. Great attention is paid to improving and strengthening of the material-technical base. Educational institutions ROSTO, which prepare specialists for Armed Forces, theoretical and practical lessons are held by qualified teachers and masters of production teaching, who serviced in the army or fleet many years.


Russian defensive sport-technical organization got public recognition. Socially useful activity of ROSTO and its head organs, juridical and property rights are proofed with decrees of the President of Russian Federation, regulations of the Government of  Russian Federation, and also supported by both chambers of the Federal assembly of Russian Federation, organs of executive power and legislature of regions of Russian Federation.

ROSTO STC-Nizhniy Novgorod

ROSTO STC-Nizhniy Novgorod

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