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«PREOBRAZHENIE» (Transformation) Drawing-room of beauty

Salon Expert L'OREAL Professional Nizhniy Novgorod, Gorykogo street, 232 Phone: +7 (8312) 32-15-34, 001 (reference service)

«PREOBRAZHENIE» (Transformation) Drawing-room of beauty-Nizhniy Novgorod

Dadakuzieva Tatyana Michailovna
Director of the beauty shop

Putina Elena Michailovna
Art-director of the beauty shop

The foundresses of the Drawing-room of beauty “Preobrazhenie”, sisters Elena and Tatiana, consider their beauty shop extraordinary. First of all, because both sisters were not connected to the beauty industry till January 2003. Tatiana Michailovna is graduate of the Taschkent institute of culture, and Elena Michailovna is a writer, author of female detective stories (her pseudonym is Elena Ruvinskaya). Secondly, because while creating of the beauty shop the great attention was paid not to the market conditions, but sole outbursts of the foundresses and their romantic spirit. As a result the Drawing-room of beauty really has become a place, where guests come, where there are pictures of the local artists on the walls, where one can feel the smell of coffee, and every client feels himself long-awaited. The talisman of the salon is a butterfly as true symbol of transformation.

The Drawing-room of beauty “Preobrazhenie” began its activity on 1 January, 2003, having united simultaneously three directions: hairdressing services, aesthetic cosmetology, manicure and pedicure services. Since then all these directions are harmoniously develop, mostly due to right choice of partners, supplying equipment and cosmetics of the leading European firms.

The beauty shop accepted an offer about cooperation of the Russian representative of the French firm L'OREAL in autumn 2004 and got the status “ Salon Expert L'OREAL Professional ”. Since that moment all masters-hairdressers go through the education and qualification improvement on the basis of the local representative of L'OREAL . The salon applies both professional and home lines of hair treatment of only this firm. In September, 2005 the beauty shop took part in business-forum, which took place in Cannes ( France ). The cosmetic cabinet offers aesthetic services with appliance of the preparations of the Spain cosmetic line GERMAINE de CAPUCCINI . Face lifting without operation, rejuvenating programs, anticellulite envelopment, different masks this is just a little list of services. There is a new service –procedure of Spray-Sunburn. The body is covered with spray with the help of German device. The result is reached for one visit. The clients are offered 4 types of tan – from European to Caribbean .

The salon's specialists on manicure and pedicure offer design, nail grafting, spa-treatment and paraffin baths. Apparatus pedicure with appliance of preparations of the German cosmetic line GEHWOL is a pleasant procedure, which allows escaping many problems.

For the years of activity the collective of the Drawing-room of beauty “Preobrazhenie” has formed immutable principles such as high quality of performed services, obligation in relations with clients and partners, enriching the range of services and acceptable prices for them.

«PREOBRAZHENIE» (Transformation) Drawing-room of beauty-Nizhniy Novgorod

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