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Silicate plant 1

603950, Russia, GSP-761 Nizhniy Novgorod, Zajzeva street, 35 Phone.: +7 (8312) 49-14-42, 49-12-01, 49-12-12 Fax: +7 (8312) 73-20-87

Silicate plant 1-Nizhniy Novgorod

Jurij Timofeevich Burlakov, general director.

He has been working at the plant, where was sent by administration of Sormovskiy Region, since 1984.

Despite of difficult conditions of industry reforming, we were able to settle the priorities and directions of business development in a right way. These allow working stable, providing the building sector of Nizhniy Novgorod and neighboring regions with high quality production.

The basic product of the plant is silicate brick for 50 years. This is the only plant in the city, which produces this building material.

Public Corporation Silicate plant 1, in past Gorjkovskij Silicate plant 1, works almost 50 years. The first brick was produced in 1957.

Silicate brick is still one of the most widely spread building materials. With the help of silicate brick rather cheap wall systems with good heat-insulated characteristics can be built. It is ideal for Russian conditions. Moreover its price is the lowest.

The company applies modern technologies and natural raw materials of the best quality sand and lime. One of its main articles is color silicate brick: white, yellow, pink, grey. Modern houses in historical part of the city on the streets Volzhskaja, Oscharskaja, Gordeevskaja, Oranzherejnaja and others are built of Silicate plant 1 production.

In 1999 the plant began producing color facing slab of different color and configurations. The production of facing brick of different color is organized. According to client's wish the brick of almost every color can be produced.

Besides the plant produces plaster mass, lump and shredded lime. It is used in building, and agricultural industry for neutralization of acidic soil.

Creative approach to business, sociability, and insistence in reaching the goals allowed gaining reliable partners and long-term business connections.

The results of the performance are stable and profitable. The strategy of the company is oriented on permanent improving of production quality. Permanent developments of production, improving the employees` qualification make Public Corporation Silicate plant 1 a reliable partner in building and business.

This is interesting  

  • 80% of premises in Nizhniy Novgorod are built of the Gorjkovskij Silicate plant 1 production
  • in contrast to foreign analogues silicate brick of Nizhniy Novgorod has maximum frost-resistance

Silicate plant 1-Nizhniy Novgorod

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