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Questions and answers about the project

What else does the project give?

  for Administration of Nizhniy Novgorod and the region of Nizhniy Novgorod ?

It gives sense of being proud of your city and region , for creating work of the citizens of the city and region. It is a pleasant presentable present to celebration of the 785 years of Nizhniy Novgorod. It is an opportunity to show investment attraction of the region in the book and with the help of Internet-portal to the guests from other regions of Russia and foreign countries. It is an opportunity to leave something for memory to guests, delegations, friends

for Russia ?

It is a new view at one of the most attractive regions of Russian Federation . It is an ability to value its investment attraction, level of development of these or those sectors of economy, to stress the key leaders and the leading tendencies in small-, middle- and big-scale business, and also on cultural and public spheres.

for permanent clients of the Participator of the project?

It is confidence in that fact, that they didn't make a mistake in choosing a company, is product or service. It is presence of presentable information about Your company, promotes improvement of loyalty, constancy of clients, it creates sense of appeal to brand, history, forms channel of feedback with a company.

for permanent partners of the Participator of the project?

Partners become confident in the company stability , reasoning of its intentions , and , accordingly , accuracy of own choice o the partner . Besides, most participators of the project state in presentation materials its core partners, accordingly, the company-partner gets additional positive PR and ability to return to the recent history, and to get enjoyment one more time of every moment of common ACHIEVEMENTS, to transform the experience of cooperation and to create new brilliant idea of mutually beneficial cooperation!

for potential partners of the Participator of the project?

It is an ability to value your future partner from the history of relationship with others, on the system of values, aims, position in the region, principals of interaction, achievements. An important criterion is braveness ! Participation in the project implies absence of fear to be in the same row with rivals, to demonstrate openness of business, loyalty to operating authorities, tax discipline and proudly state your right on place in history!

for operating employees (team) of the Participator of the project?

Where am I? Do I have future in this company? Am I esteemed by the team and boss? May be there is a better place? This is not full list of questions, which regularly appear in the head of your employee. Fear and disability to ask these questions to the leader promote new advertisement about searching for a job, and increase in fluctuation of personnel. Accordingly, the company losses also increase. You will be able to give your answer at the pages of 5000 units of the book, show your love to people, who work for your company from the pages of the web-site of the project (at least 200 000 people of Internet-auditorium of Nizhniy Novgorod). As your personnel success depends on the personnel of your company. Give your personnel ability to feel themselves Personalities in the team of winners, put their names into the history of your company, and also into the history of Nizhniy Novgorod, the region of Nizhniy Novgorod , Russia . People wait for recognition of their merits - make a present for them ! And you will get reliable, true, initiative and grateful team- from office manager to founders.

for potential employees of the Participator of the project?

Next employee is going to become a part of new for him corporate culture and wants to understand what he should wait for. History, mission, ethics of relationship, corporate articles, ideas and people all these will be reflected in your visit card of the Participator of the project!

- what is the elite feature of the project?

We don't buy places, don't sell tickets to Olympus and don't give premiums. We help to bring your historical sentence to Your clients, partners, employees and descendants. They will value your contribution, role of Your company in their life and in history of Nizhniy Novgorod, the region of Nizhniy Novgorod and the whole country.

This is Gold Pages of Russia chronicle of success, which intertwines fortunes of cities and companies with fortunes of people. It is a chronicle, where you can and must put your name in for ages. this will increase Gold in relationship inside your company, will help to increase sales volume, geography and scale of business, improves loyalty of clients, partners and employees.

We present taste of victory delivery is paid by you!

- And if we remake elevation of the building, increase number of services, develop in a year, will you change material about us for free?


- Who can give me detailed information about the technical characteristics of graphic materials for the phototype?

Our editing department is occupied with it, Phone: +7 (8312) 182612, 637859. - mail :

- Is there a obligatory % of the number of editions which will be sold in book and Internet shops?

No, there is no obligatory %. Only surpluses of not sold number of editions will be sold in such kind of shops and also not big additional number of editions are possible.

- will the number of editions be increased, if the number of orders exceeds established 5000 units? If the answer is positive, then how it will influence on price of edition and price of placement in it?

The number of editions can be increased both on the base of information about preliminary orders, and also later, as the orders will come. It will not influence on active price of books for the Participators of the project and price of placement.

- will 2 books be devoted to singly Nizhniy Novgorod and the region of Nizhniy Novgorod?

The companies of Nizhniy Novgorod and the region of Nizhniy Novgorod will be placed according to sectorial principle , but not according to location principle . There is an opportunity of search according to alphabetical and name pointer of companies, and on the web-site there is an opportunity of search according to cities and key words.

-  who will become the participators of the project: those who must take part, or those who consider themselves worth taking part?

To be or not to be a participator of the project is You decision.

One can claim that his company is successful one, but it is necessary to pay, many companies are proud of the fact that they do not have any money

Your disappointment and sense of inconvenience because of the question on behalf of your permanent and potential partners and clients WHY YOU ARE NOT THERE? will last at least a year, and loss of profit because of losses of the Internet-auditorium costs much more, than price of participation in the project.

It is also important, that such projects in a bit other forms and interpretations were, are and will they have become an essential element of modern business communications. Bad news for those who are suspicious about this project, is that price of participation in similar projects, especially of all-country scale, increases every month, as it is in great demand. We have no doubts that you are able to count your money !

For placement of information about theatres, museums and other institutions of cultural and public purposes sponsors' help is provided. You can become one of them !

- in what printing-house will the books be printed?

Now it is a commercial classified information. We have choice of tested and reliable printing-houses of Lithuania , Russia and Finland . If you have any recommendations we will consider them with great pleasure. As for quality, it will be on the level of the best editions of the country scale.

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